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Tips on how to make getting over an ex easier

Updated on August 1, 2012
broken heart
broken heart

Break ups are tough

Break ups are difficult especially if you have spent time planning your life with with someone. Often it takes a very long time to get over the person that is now no longer part of your life. Once you get over that person you still have to pick up the pieces of your life and find new things to do in those lapses of time that you would have spent with them. Then It is even harder to think about moving on to someone new and trying to open yourself up to being vulnerable again. All of this sounds like a lot of depressing work. Most of the time these things happen for a reason and you are better off the way things are now. Luckily there are many things that you can do to speed of the process of getting your life back on track.

clearing your space
clearing your space

Clear your space

If there are items lingering around your living space that remind you of your ex you may want to get rid of them or put them away where you won't have to see them all the time. Keeping these items around your house will be constant reminders of your ex and the memories you shared. getting these items out of your visual space will give your mind other places to wander other than back to what is no longer there. It also helps to replace some of those things with something new. Try replacing a photo of the two of you with a photo of another happy memory in your life that will not remind you of your ex. If you received a scarf as a gift try putting it away and buying yourself a completely new accessory. Some items that you may want to put away are listed bellow.

  • photos of you and your ex
  • Gifts they have given you in the past
  • Anything you purchased together
  • Anything that makes you think of them every time you look at it

If you and your ex shared a living space it may be easier to move if you have the opportunity. A whole new space can be up lifting and moving is a great project to keep you busy. Also your ex will not be able to come over or call you when ever they please this way.

filling your time with fun
filling your time with fun

Fill your time

When two people share a relationship they usually spend a lot of time with each other. When a break up occurs this leaves a lot of extra time to dwell in this empty space that would have been spent with the other person. Try something new like a dancing class. This will occupy your time with something fun and productive. Rekindle with friends and family. Chances are they will really appreciate your company and will love to spend some time with you, as long as you don't mope the whole time. If you are adjusting to living alone you could try getting a roommate. If a roommate is to invasive maybe a pet to snuggle with would be a better fit. Some things you can do to fill your time are listed bellow.

  • Go shopping with a friend
  • Go visit your family for dinner
  • Throw a dinner party at your house
  • Take a class with a friend or family member
  • Get a pet
  • Teach your pet some new tricks
  • Go out to a restaurant or movie with some friends

social media
social media

Social media

When you are trying to get over someone removing them from your social networks if possible can make it easier. If your ex is in your social networks it is easier to want to talk to or try to communicate with that person. Also this makes it easier to find out what is going on in the other persons life and this sometimes can be painful. Some social networks to check are listed bellow.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • Google accounts
  • Yahoo accounts
  • Any Email
  • Your cell phone
  • Blogs
  • Any type of friends lists on the web

learning something new
learning something new

Self improvement

When people are in serious relationships they don't always get time to work on themselves and their own personal desires. Try working on areas of your life that you feel need improvement. This could be anything from trying to eat better to learning a new language. The sky is the limit try anything you feel would be good for you. This gives you time to focus on yourself and grow as a person. When you are focusing on yourself it makes it harder to focus on somebody else. Some types of self improvements are listed bellow.

  • A new work out
  • Eating right
  • Positive self talk
  • Work on that promotion you never had time for
  • Learning something new every day
  • Meditation
  • Working on any personal problems (examples confidence or anger management)

Get out and have some fun
Get out and have some fun

Have some fun

It is important to fill your time with positive activities. Try to do something fun and spontaneous. Try something new that you normally wouldn't. Do things that you really enjoy. If you are an artist create a master piece. Writers try and channeling that emotion into an awesome book. Also participating in group activities. Everyone has a different definition of what is wild and spontaneous but I'm sure you get the idea. Push your limits this can make life fun and exciting. Repetition can be dull and boring.

meeting new people
meeting new people

Meet some one new

This can mean new friends even. Going out and expanding your social net work is healthy. Meeting new people and learning new things is healthy and fun. Meeting new people is also a great way to not dwell on relationships on the past. When you are building new relationships it is harder for thoughts to wander towards older ones from the past. When you are ready and you do find someone of interest go for it. Starting something new is a great way to get over the past.


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