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Videograph Your Wedding To Create a Precious Memory

Updated on April 11, 2014

Videograph Your Wedding To Create a Precious Memory

Why Not Videograph Your Wedding Day

Why not relive your wedding day over and over again by shooting a wedding video of your wedding day. When you and your love bring back the most exciting event in each of your live's, it perks up your love for each other by bringing back a precious memory. Creating a wedding video, brings back a special moment, it brings back the voices of special people in your lives, plus bring backs the emotion, the tears of joy, the romantic music, an event not just to capture how both how the bride and groom looked, but how you were.

It's amazing how people change over time, video captures a special moment in time, a moment that can be relived over and over, a moment that can be shared with people not there and a moment shared with people not born at the time. Your wedding video becomes a special keepsake, many years later, the event of your special day can be shared over again with your children and grandchildren.

Wedding videography has come a long ways in recent years. In year's past, only the super wealthy could afford to videograph their wedding. The times are a-changing, with the many advances in video technology and the prices of video equipment has become a lot more affordable. A video of your wedding day can show up in a lot of different places, your wedding video can be kept for special occasions on a DVD or CD, or be placed into a couple's website, placed in a blog, put on Facebook, shared in Instagram or Pinterest, or put onto a Youtube video. Your wedding can even be simulcast on TV, so your wedding can be viewed live by frail grandparents, aunts, and uncles across the country viewed right in their home.

Event though we have gone through a new video revolution, one would be smart to use a professional videographer to videotape your wedding. It takes an exceptional and experienced videographer who knows how to properly use a camera, knows how to obtain the right focal point on a camera lens, knows how to capture the right lighting, knows where to be situated to be out of other wedding guests and other vendor's way, knows how to angle the shoots just right, and knows how to set up voice microphones to capture the voice distinctly, and knows how to capture a beautiful background. A professional videographer knows how to capture the subject clearly in the lens, does not end up with blurry shots and knows how to capture the subject in close up shots, medium range shots, and shots from a far and wide distance. The professional videographer knows how to methodologically edit the video to put the whole wedding story sequence together.

Wedding Videography Start To Finish

How To Shoot Beautiful Wedding Films

Where To Find Wedding Videographers

A recent study of married woman was performed recently, they were asked if they had an opportunity to redo their wedding, what would they do differently? Most respondents surveyed stated, they wished they would have videotaped their wedding day. For many couples, their special day was only captured in photos, their wedding day became an ancient memory. For those couples who created a wedding video of their wedding day, they can create an anniversary tradition, they can watch their wedding video together, look through their wedding album, exchange an anniversary gift, and enjoy a romantic anniversary dinner.

You can find professional wedding videographers by downloading wedding planning apps onto your IPhone, IPad, or Android device, downloads for wedding planning can be gotten from the Apple Store, Google Store or from Itunes. One company that has a wedding planner is called Wedding Selections. You also can find wedding videographers from online wedding directories. Some of the more reputable wedding directories include , , , , , , and .

You can also find wedding videographers from search engines, input your city or town followed by "videographers". Some churches videotape masses or services and also will videotape weddings, check with a few local churches to see if they also do wedding videos. You can also find videographers by attending bridal shows or ask friends, family, other wedding vendors, or co-workers if they know of one to recommend. The Yellowpages is another spot to look for them.

How To Shoot A Wedding Video - Things I've Learned

What To Look for in a Wedding Videographer

There are dozens of ways a wedding videographer can shoot your wedding. Most videographers have streaming video samples, try to get from them a video sample of a full wedding video product, not a sample of just highlights or a short film. You want to get an idea of how will your full wedding video will come out.

Before setting up an interview with a videographer visit their website to get an idea of what types of video they do and to evaluate how good of a wedding videographer they are. Check their website, Youtube video, or sample DVD or CD on their shooting style, the lighting in their video, the centuring of the subjects, the audio sound, the background, and their editing style. When you personally meet with the wedding videographer, ask yourself, are you comfortable with them and do you find them very communicative with you?

When choosing a wedding videographer you want to evaluate a final product they have created, determine if their personality and style mesh with yours. You also want to ask how much experience they have in shooting wedding videos? How long has their company been in business? Ask what equipment they use, and do some research on the equipment they name? Also ask how they set the video shoots up? What style of wedding video do they shoot? How do they operate in inclement weather? What is a backup plan should they get sick? What is the pricing of different packages that they offer?

Wedding Videography Style

Different Videographic Ways to Shoot a Wedding

There are dozens of ways in which a videographer can shoot your wedding. Many videographers though, tend to shoot a wedding in a particular style. Some of the styles in shooting a wedding include "journalistic", "cinematic", "traditional", "story telling", "short form wedding", "same day edit video", "mixed media" and "photo montage style".

At the wedding, a wedding couple needs to understand how the wedding videographer operates in shooting the wedding, where will the videographers and their assistants be stationed and where equipment be used. Often a wireless microphone might need to be placed on the groom, the officiant, or on another giving a speech. You may need to arrange for the wedding videographer to meet with the officiant, wedding photographers, and venue managers to come to agreement on where they and equipment will be stationed during the event.

A wedding couple needs to come to agreement in which types of videos they would like to be shot for their wedding. An overview of some of the common types of wedding videography is as follows:

Video Journalism

This type of wedding video features a documentary of the wedding event. Sometimes segments of the wedding event are edited to preserve continuity with shots of the wedding event unfolds from different angles and shots of different individuals to capture emotion or of someone speaking are capturing music. This type of video is also referred to as documentary style. Basically, this style of wedding video is a recording as events happen, sometimes select footage includes a narration portion from the bride, groom, or some recorded well wishes from family relatives or friends.


Cinematic wedding videos is just like making the wedding into a movie. The wedding day is captured and edited for dramatic effects and mood. The cinematic effect covers important segments of the wedding ceremony. The narrative flow of the wedding may be interrupted at times and the video edited in parts with narratives, music, and titles to tell a wedding story in the style of grand cinema.


Everything in the wedding is edited into a linear progression capturing the whole flow of the wedding. The traditional wedding video captures the wedding as it happens. Usually no narration is added. The wedding video might last 2 to 3 hours or more covering the wedding day from dressing for the wedding, the wedding ceremony, photo shoots, and the wedding reception.

Story Telling

Sound bites are often pre-recorded before the wedding telling about the bride's and groom's story, highlights of the wedding day are added and other wedding snippets are added from the wedding day. Interviews from family members and guests may be included in the story telling. Sometimes, another interview is done with the wedding couple at their one year anniversary, talking about their marriage.

Same Day Edit Video

Some wedding videographers shoot the entire wedding ceremony. Between the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, the videographer edits the wedding video. The wedding ceremony can be vied again at the wedding reception or at the wedding couple's brunch the day after the wedding.

Mixed Media

Some videographers shoot the wedding a number of different ways. They might include the Wedding in both a Journalistic approach and Cinematic approach. They may create a short wedding film on CD or DVD for family members and create a wedding video highlight for the couple's website or for Youtube.

Photo Montage Style

Videographers might include a mix of photos and videos in a retrospective collection into a montage slideshow. This slideshow often is presented at a rehearsal dinner, a pre-wedding cocktail hour near the entrance right before the wedding reception. A mixture of photo and videos are used to show the bride and groom at different stages of their lives and a portion of them once they started to be a couple dating.

The most effective montage slideshows uses the Ken-Burns effect, which uses artistic segmentation, fading in, fading out, photos turning, photos flipping. Each photo in the montage should last about 4 to 5 seconds each, the slide show should last no more than 15 minutes, with about 150 photos or videos displayed. Different music selections should be played, a selection for the bride, a selection for the groom, and a selection when they were dating as a couple.

As a couple talk over what style of videos you want from your wedding, see what video packages the videography companies have to offer, provide the video company with a budget range with your budget amount on the high range of the budget, give the company an idea of the type of wedding video you are looking for and see if they can come up with a suggestion of a video is to your satisfaction.

How To Make A Professional Wedding Slide Show

Wedding Videography Fee Structures

Almost every wedding videographer shoots their video in a different manner. Each video company has their own fee structure, for the most part wedding video companies have no set fee standards. Some wedding videographers use a set fee on a video package they offer, some charge by the hour footage, some charge for the amount of shoots and add charges for editing, and some charge by the montage.

There are many things that go into the cost of creating a wedding video. Big cities will charge more for coverage than in small towns due to the higher overhead a video company has to cover. The length and nature of coverage plays an important role in pricing. Also the amount of staff a video has at the video shoot impacts the price charged. The equipment used to video your wedding will add to the cost. Also there are additional charges for editing, titling, narration, adding of music, and photo montage can add to the cost. There might be expansive coverage, a video shoot at the bride's home pre-wedding, costs at the wedding ceremony, costs at an independent photo shoot, and video coverage of the wedding reception.

Wedding videography can be done inexpensively, for a less videography costs, you can hire one video cameraman who can shoot the wedding with one camera and hand the video recording off to the wedding couple, who can either take the video as is or do the editing of the wedding with a software video package. You could also have a family or friend and shoot the wedding using a camcorder. You could also leave camcorders around at reception tables and let some of your wedding guests do some ad hoc videos of your wedding reception.

But really to be safe, in order to create a family heirloom keepsake wedding video requires a videography expert that has knowledge and experience to capture the wedding. An expert videographer knows where to stand for the video and doesn't get in the way of other wedding professionals and is in a position not blocked by wedding photographers, because they insure the shoot positions are worked out beforehand.

A professional videography has top of the line video equipment and knows how to use them. They know how to shoot close ups, medium shots, and the long range and wide angle shots. He/she often uses multiple video cameras for their shoots so they can capture the bride and groom's emotions and at the same time capture the expressions of family members as well as capture the officiant, wedding musicians, the choir, readers, congregation and speakers of the wedding reception. The professional wedding videographer can cost a few thousands of dollars to create a wedding heirloom video that captures your wedding day over and over again. What they create for you can be priceless.

It's important to review the contract with the wedding videographer thoroughly. You should have a full understanding of the video cost breakdown. Make sure you have a budget figure to work with and you might stipulate in the contract, the video amount won't exceed a specified amount. Make sure everything verbally discusses is written in the contract. You should insist there be no hidden fees such as travel fees, special equipment fees, or overtime fees. You should bring along a close family member or friend as an extra pair of eyes to help review the contract.

Also there should be a contingency plan in the event of inclement weather? What happens if the wedding should be canceled? What happens should the videographer get sick the day of the wedding? Is there a backup videographer? Is there a backup of video equipment? Does the video company have insurance? How does the communication work and how often do you communicate before the wedding?

How To Make a Professional Wedding Video

Editing of Your Wedding Video

When it comes to creating your wedding video, it's important not to be in a hurry for your finished product. There are many hours of work behind the scenes. It requires about one hour of editing work for every minute of tape. Often there is 20 to 30 hours or more of editing time to create a finished wedding video product. Sometimes it takes 4 to 6 months to get a wedding video back from a wedding video company.

Wedding couples often get excited and can't wait to get their hands on their wedding video. Often at times, wedding couples get impatient on getting their wedding video back, they feel they have paid good money for their wedding video. Couple's need to understand, creating a wedding video is tedious work, the less pressure they apply in wanting their wedding video to be back quickly, the better quality their final wedding video product they get back will be.

Matthew + Briar // Wedding Film

3D Wedding Videography

Today, you can have your wedding shot in 3D. The first wedding video shot in 3D was shot by an Australia cinema photographer whose name is Abraham Joffe back in 2010. Today there are a number of 3D cinema photographers scattered about the United States who can shoot the wedding in 3D. If you want a 3D wedding, some natable companies you might contact include V3videography in Jersey City, NJ, 3DWeddingMovie in Arlington, VA, VKI-Party in Los Angeles, Cinaesthetic in Chicago, IL, Hakimsons Film is Dallas, TX, and Manga Productions in Honolulu, HI.

Over the next few years, you can expect many more cinema photographers shooting 3D weddings to start popping up. Recently special 3DTV cameras and 3D camcorders have started hitting the market. #D cameras are now available from Sony, Samsung, Hatachi, and Canon. A couple can purchase 3D cameras and camcorders, but to create a good 3D wedding video, you really need a professional that has mastered the shooting with a 3D camera.

3D cameras are a little more complicated to work than does a conventional video camera. Not only does the camera photographer need to maintain proper iris and focus constant, they need to maintain what is called "convergence" using the camera lens, the two lenses have to be pointed to the same object, creating a triangulation. It's similar to human vision, eyes are never looking straight forward, they are converging into one point using the lens. The person behind the 3D camera lens has to be sure the two lenses are pointed at the same object, or the picture ends up getting a little cross-eyed and blurry.

Just imagine, having your wedding taken in 3D and those who watch your wedding in the future could be taken back just like a time machine, children and grandchildren and future generations can experience your wedding just like they were their themselves, they can experience the wedding and see up close the wedding and see how everything really was, she how things were first hand, not just from stories they heard, but see people such as their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins first hand.

Expect to see 3D start arriving first hand, see 3D photos, 3D slide show photo and video montages and start to see 3D photo booths. Each wedding guest can enter a photo booth and make a few statements and predictions about the wedding couple. They can predict what the couple will be doing in 10 and 20 years and predict how many children they will end up having.

Also, not in the too distant future, expect to see hologram weddings. Holograms captures laser light. The laser light is shot at images at two different angles and used projection equipment to again shoot laser light out. The laser technology works so when the laser light intersects and image is created that looks like a true image. Special theaters or sports bars can show laser lighted sporting events, concerts, theaters, shows, movies, and weddings sort of in a mini stadium or arena to watch an event just like you were live there in person. A couple of companies that explains the hologram technology in a little more detail are and

Samsung BD - H5900 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player


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