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What Could Be Missing In A Relationship

Updated on November 26, 2010

Remember when you felt this way for the one you love:

What is it about you...

whenever you're around it makes me

want to smile...

You're constantly on my mind...

I wake up and go to sleep with only

good thoughts of you...

When we have the opportunity to walk

down the street hand and hand, I'm the

proudest person alive...

When you're not around I wonder if

you're okay...

I want to hear your voice, listen

to your laugh, or crack a joke with you...

When you're not around what will I do?...

What is it about you?...


Remember in the beginning of your relationship you felt this way? You could never get enough of one another. You, no matter what kept going back. You had a genuine pure love. One that was endearing filled with compassion. Now over the years it has diminished and you wonder why and can’t imagine how to get back to that place. My answer emphatically is, you two stopped communicating and wanting to listen to one another.


If you have read many of my blogs, I will always encourage ones to communicate. Think about it, in any situation you may find yourself in and it turns ugly it’s normally because wires get crossed and no one communicated with the other. One starts to resent and fester on their own perception. When you finally talk to the person and find out your thoughts were not the other person’s intentions then and only then is the situation talked about and cleared up.


One knows they are loved how? It’s communicated to them. I don’t care how much a person will say, “Awe you know I love you.” It’s not real unless you hear it. If you called the person you’re in a relationship with once a day just to say, “How’s your day I was thinking of you.” How do you think that would make someone feel? Or, are you one that does talk on the phone during the day and once you two are home together you go your separate ways. How about making sure at least dinner is eaten together with TV, cell phone, computer, books or any other distractions is off while you two have meaningful conversation.


Let’s say you have children and alone time is limited, how about the two of you together getting the children ready for bed and then making an effort to spend some alone time together. What if the romance has died down and maybe now the kids are all out the house and you two can’t figure out what to say or to do together. Why not date again? We can always make excuses or come up with a reason. Why no take a look again at my opening poem and find a way to get back there? Why not think of answers of, “how to again?” What’s missing from most relationships is the ability to be creative. Communicate with one another ways you feel will bring that spark back, be creative and make it simple but fun. Make your relationship work by showing a true “want to” attitude. If you want to, nine times out of ten so does your mate.


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    • profile image

      Jenine 7 years ago

      This is really great because the love does, in fact, it getting deeper? Excellent reminders if you want your love to work, you must work on your love.

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 7 years ago from Guildford

      This is a brilliant hub, thank you for sharing. Communication is definitely the key to a long lasting loving partnership. I will be back to read more of your hubs.