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I Don’t Want To Be Without You, But I Want To Enjoy Being With You

Updated on November 14, 2010


I love your face…

I love your touch…

I think of you throughout the day…

My thoughts of you make me smile…


But…, Oh my goodness; you drive me crazy at times.


There are those times when the one we love the most drive us crazy. One reason this happens is because we can’t understand the reasoning and decision making at times of another person. It’s extremely hard to sit down and talk with the end result being of a clear understandable compromise with someone that thinks exactly opposite of you. There are those topics when touched will always spark a fire. The question is how to get past those fire topics since in a relationship all topics at one time or another must be touched on?


You know you love this person but the frustration that comes with this love definitely won’t allow you to enjoy the one you love. Here is where the test of humility will come into play. Will you be the one to bend so as not to add fire to a situation? Sometimes humility can just mean the way you speak to one another.


Let’s say you are adamant about a situation in your house, you feel your mate is going to cross the line of your feelings, do you right away start yelling and saying what’s not going to happen. Well, once you start yelling what do you think your mate will also do? Right! Yell back. Things escalate, at this point all communication has ceased, feelings are hurt, and still no feasible solution has been made.


Even if you felt you are right, lots of time the tone and compromising mechanisms are not there just by words spoken. So let’s go back. A situation is brought to you , this time instead of saying’ “We’re not going there,” “I told you no before,” “How many times are you going to ask me the same question,” or “I’m not even going to talk to you about that!” How about surprising your mate and taking a different approach? What if you said, “Well let’s talk about this tonight over dinner,” This gives both time to think about the topic and think of a mature way to approach it. Couples must remember they are not talking to a child; you are talking to another adult. No one wants to feel like they are being talked down to. If you surprise your mate and not be confrontational the outcome may even surprise you.


Your relationship should be important enough to keep it healthy. One of the biggest relationship problems is communication and how communication is relayed between the two of you. You don’t want to be without the one you love, but you want to enjoy them. This is usually achieved by the way you speak to one another. Especially the way problems are solved or not solved. Try and give yourself time to think about how to approach a touchy topic without anger or being condescending.


Everyone wants to be treated with respect. Try it, talk to your mate, not at them and you will surely be on the road to enjoying talking and being with your loved one.  


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