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Where Do We Draw The Sensitivity Line

Updated on February 2, 2011

Things will happen in our relationships and sometimes it makes us over sensitive. Is there someone you love with all your heart and they without thought say something or do something insensitive? Now you spend the entire night and next few days seething over what was said or done. Never stopping to think you’re putting too much energy into something that your mate has no idea about.

You have invented an entire scenario in your head and have run so far with it that you can’t sleep or eat. Don’t you think that at some point you should have drawn the line? When were you going to simply go to your mate and say “Why did you say or do that.” Maybe you could also say, “You know you hurt my feelings by saying this or that.”


There has to be a line drawn where people stop being so sensitive and communicate with their partner. What ever happened to a time when people sat and talked before jumping to a conclusion? Communication has always been the best way to clear up and make a made up situation that actually never happened go away.


Why won’t people simply ask their mate to clarify before assuming? So many relationships are destroyed because scenarios are made in ones head and never communicated. Where and when is the line drawn?


When we look at most relationships destroyed more times than none it’s because of a lack of communication. Ideas are made up and conclusions are drawn and no solutions are sought because there is no communication.


How many out there are laughing to themselves because you know this is your reaction and you are acting like this right now and instead of communicating with your mate you prefer to continue to create your own scenario. Why would this make you feel good or satisfied with your actions? This will never better your relationship. Your sensitivity has taken over and you don’t know where to draw the line; if you’re smiling then you know you’ve crossed that line, at this point why wouldn’t you draw the line and communicate with your mate. It has to stop somewhere.


I will never understand why couples would rather stay upset than solve a silly misunderstanding. There are those with serious issues and don’t create these unnecessary scenarios and know when to draw the line. We should all clear our scenarios out of our minds and communicate to find true intentions instead of made up ones. It makes life much easier and bearable, and don’t think that “YOU” don’t also offend. 


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