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what to expect next after a guy is clingy before & after the deed is done but then has dissapeared?

hi i need some advice, im a workaholic in a new area and i dnt have time to meet new ppl until i met this guy that is one of our suppliers at work. we hit it off but i remained very cool and he got very clingy. we eventually went out and did the deed so to speak(sat). the very next day(sun) he was praising how much he enjoyed him self and was even more clingy but i got distant as i couldnt talk so much while being at work. and after the next day i didnt hear from him(mon) so i decided to send a msg but i havent gotten a reply and its 3 days after 'the night'. he said that he travels a lot for


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Helen Murphy Howell (Seeker7) says

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6 years ago
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