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What should I do to find someone I don't know his name?

3 years ago I was walking and a red pickup truck goes by. He sees me and does double take like he hasn't seen me in years, I never met him before then. We had a moment where we just stared at each other and the rest of the world just kind of went away. He eventually drove away and I woke up w April 26 randomly pop in my head. That exact day I saw him directing traffic in elementary school zone. I still never got to talk to him and I really want to find him. Any suggestions on how to do that? I even went back to that school he was at and he was gone. I even searched my college BC he wen ther


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dashingscorpio says

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14 months ago
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    Chenza 14 months ago

    I live in a small town. Last time I saw him at the school directing traffic it was in Gallatin tn, which is about 20 min away from town I live and that town is a little bigger than where I live. And I saw him 6 Mon. Ago directing traffic. Do I give u

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