get him to pay attention!

  1. Tashaonthetown profile image89
    Tashaonthetownposted 5 years ago

    Living with your partner is often very difficult to ensure that he will take you out and romance you.
    you get stuckinto a rut and he gets comfortable with you.  watching t.v is his favourite thing to do while you spend your time cleaning up after him.
    Every relationship needs romance, every woman wants her partner to listen and pay attention.  Women are simple and need love and affection, romance and someone to talk to even if he pretends to listen, as long as it looks like he is.
    Make a date night a rule in your home.  Go out at least once a week. Dinner and a movie so that you can have a conversation that doesnt involve debts, home improvements, just the two of you talking and laughing.
    Try and get away for a weekend to break the routine.
    keep him interested by lighting some candles at home (for yourself) put on some music, make a nice dinner and wear something sexy!
    Also let him know that you need conversation so that he is aware.
    Do you think he will eventually ask you to marry him? How long does it take until you know he is ready to commit?