Relationships problems

  1. MeyaPatrice profile image60
    MeyaPatriceposted 3 years ago

    when you decided that you found someone that you could be around all the time, then decided to be involved with them what is your goal? To be honest marriage is the goal for the majority of us. If that is not your intentions why did you persue us? You are wasting my time and yours.

    Also the main agenda of a relationship is spending time together. If  you don't want to spend time with me why are we in a relationship? so you will let two weeks go y without trying to make moves to see me. What is that? some one explain to me. I will not chase no one who doesn't want to be followed.

    So when i fall back and don't do the things i use to because i feel like you are not putting effort in this relationship don't get confused. you put this on yourself. what i;m trying to prepare for is the break up. i may love you but i refuse to be someones fool.

    1. peachpurple profile image83
      peachpurpleposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Based on my opinion, it takes two to clap your hands. If it is a one sided love, no point to linger on. It takes two hearts to bind as one for love not sex

  2. Kiss andTales profile image82
    Kiss andTalesposted 3 years ago

    Now I will say just my opinion . Because that is all I can offer. This story sounds like a story I am familiar with. The story starts off from a rebound of a past relationship on both sides. They fall for each other quick. But once the packages have been unwrapped ,there  is no more guessing what each other has and can do. The women falls quickly ,the man has just sampled a dish. He likes the experience ,but that is not enough to win him over into a relationship. He may think he can do better ,or think it can get better with some one else, yet he wants to hold on incase that does not happen ,that is when you do have him in your life, if he is gone for awhile he is either entertaining another, or there is hidden personal problem, sorry but we cannot rule out Drugs, or even a personal choice of a religion that teaches it is wrong to commit fornication. So they just may depart from you to keep their religious morals intact.
    Many times people have become fools for love. And  many have moved on and gotten over people who caused heart breaks. Be prepared for any direction, and also a big lesson is love don't love nobody. That's a lyric in a song.
    Also do not force something that is not really there. Because you feel it .it should be mutual.
    Where is the relationship now that I am speaking of,  well the last I know was that she has been with this person for 8 years he cheated ,and after that he gives her a ingagment ring. Not married yet. And full of more bad days then good .
    She has always been good for him . But he does not maintain her the same way.
    I hope I touched on something that can help your heart.