How to prevent failure of relationships due to "High expectations"

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    Shuchi12posted 22 months ago
    Relationships fail because both people expect other person to follow their footsteps or to perform certain responsibilities. But if I suggest , not to have any expectations from other person, then dependency is lost. In today's world , love cannot persist without any interest or use. So when dependency is lost , love is lost. Since other person is not contributing nor interfering in any issues , his/her existance doesn't matter to his/her counterpart.

    So what is the solution for this "expectation" problem?

    It is "adjustment". How this word could be implemented in relationships?
    1)Listen to your partner when he/she is angry , frustrated and try to cool him/her down.
    2) Follow his/her instructions even if you have to put down your ego.
    3) Spend time with him/her.
    4)At the same time give him/her freedom.
    5) Respect his/her opinion.