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  1. Azar Mendoza profile image57
    Azar Mendozaposted 6 years ago

    So, when my friend tells me, you have Pride, there are no straight pride parades, I tell him, you can’t be proud of something you never had to fight for. This is for every person who believes that nothing could ever make this better, I beseech to tell you that it does, because I know what shame feels like. This is for every gulp of shame, this is for every hetero-normative fairy-tale, this is for every stipulation of this is the way it is supposed to be, this is for every person who police the boundaries of masculinity. this is for every time you go home, because home, means to break the parts of yourself that don’t fit into the plaster of who they want you to be! I already am!, exactly who I’m meant to be.
    This is for every time I’ve been told, it’s a choice, it’s not natural, Gays sleep around and spread diseases, you’re a faggot, you’re going to hell, the bible says, therefore God hates fags! This is for every time I was told, “Dude you don’t look gay”, as if, I am to do what? Pull glitter from my pocket and sprinkle it in the air? I know what shame feels like, do you feel shame?

    So, if sexual orientation is a “choice” as those oppose claim, then it follows that heterosexuality is a choice too. Why should one "choice" be favored over another? Incidentally, a person's religion is certainly a choice, yet we firmly protect that as a person's right.
    Then Homosexuality is just a behavior! Behaviors don't have associated rights. Well, like "Homosexuality is a choice”. And again, although religion is just a behavior, these people would be quick to defend their religious freedom and rights. Moreover, if homosexuality is "just" a behavior, then it follows that heterosexuality is "just" a behavior as well. So, would heterosexuals say that they're only heterosexual during the act of copulation or lust, and that throughout the whole remainder of their postpubescent lives, they're asexual? If not, then why would they make such a claim about homosexuals? Like it or not, human sexuality is as much an integral part of who we are as our personalities, our intelligence and our beliefs.
    Well, Homosexuality is just unnatural. Sorry but that which occurs in nature is, by definition, natural. (Research shows that homosexual orientation exists in countless species other than human beings.) It can also be said that "if everyone were male, mankind would die out," but you don't see many people trying to argue that being male is unnatural. It's also a fact that not everyone is gay, so conjecture about what could or would happen if everyone were gay is both silly and pointless. This argument also makes the flawed assumption that homosexuality exists solely to facilitate sexual reproduction.
    Well gays are promiscuous and spread diseases, Surely if promiscuity and diseases were concerns, providing the structure of heterosexuality would tend to discourage that behavior. Also, it is not homosexuality that causes the spread of disease, but promiscuity of any sexual orientation. The fact of a person being homosexual does not in itself cause anyone to contract any disease or disorder. Promiscuous heterosexuals are just as prone to contracting sexually-transmitted diseases; in addition, they're far more likely to cause unwanted pregnancies (and by implication, more abortions!).
    Well the bible says, therefore God hates fags.  The Bible is not the law of the land. Period. The bible says a lot of things. The bible condemns everything from eating shellfish to wearing clothing of blended fibers to touching a woman during her menstrual period to allowing women to speak at church.  If God hates fags, then how can any one person defy such a greatness of mind, thus “God Almighty.’ That’s impossible, the height of arrogance is the height of control, of those who create God in their own image. If the bible was the word of God, then why contradict itself. In other words, the bible does not agree with itself and most of what is says. There are many perspectives written which do not agree with another. In fact, the problem with the bible is, whomever wrote it were not concerned with the details but focused more upon its message. Perhaps, Propaganda was not a government creation, it was the church’s. Just like those people preaching against homosexuality from the Bible just take a verse or two out of context, cherry picking what they need to justify their prejudices, while ignoring other "condemned" things entirely is a contradiction. One thing is certain the Bible is a book, has various versions, old testament, the new testament, man has regulated various renditions and updated texts, so does this make the argument that man is now God?
    Fear is what drives these antics, they are afraid that they won’t fit in this brave new world of equality But of course fear is irrational, because the world will not look any different. One thing is certain, these people who are homophobic live in a world that keeps us divided, wedged by the indifference of politics, laws, and faith (apart from religion), religion should not be in the conversation. The First Amendment to the US Constitution, regardless of whether you like it, forbids entanglement of religion with the state. That is why it admonishes that Congress cannot make laws respecting the establishment of religion [emph. added]. Laws must have a secular purpose. Laws may not cause excessive entanglement with religion. Clearly limiting marriage to heterosexuals for the sake of something the Bible says would breach the limitations laid out in the First Amendment. Incidentally, the Fourteenth Amendment explicitly applies the limitations set forth in the Constitution to the states. Stop using religion as an excuse to elude bigotry, it is insult to you and own your homophobia. Our society is homophobic, it is marinated in homophobia, infused with homophobia and when your 38 years and you have been absorbing all those little things you just get tired of it. I am fed up with those snipering remarks that usually get me into fights, I am tired. You get fed up listening to people or peers describe you as intrinsically disordered people who don’t even know you even from their own with blind faith, you get fed with being called a fag, you get fed up with the rhetoric and you get fed up with people wasting their time and energy to campaign against you being treated like every other citizen.

  2. Castlepaloma profile image75
    Castlepalomaposted 6 years ago

    Welcome to hubpages

    I was wondering do you think Trump is a step backwards for Gays?

    1. Azar Mendoza profile image57
      Azar Mendozaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It is not a matter of my opinion as it has no relevance at all, except maybe, to me, lol. I do not want to influence anyone with my words nor do I want to use my words to desecrate anyone else no matter how obscene or offensive they may be.

      What I can say is, we are at a pivotal time that is impacting and treading worldwide and I just wish for politicians to do what is right. and stop sending a message that America was great and those in office want to make America great again. Say what?   We are far from great, although, we could be. In order to be great, perhaps we should acknowledge the truth and pay tribute to how this land became America. Pay respect to those suffered in the eyes of "America's greatness. America is far from great, America is like the church,  WELCOME TO AMERICA, GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY!  WE  NEED MONEY! . However, the day has past where politicians were actually about its people. Now, America is this militarized force that regains its authority only by force and BY TAKING YOUR MONEY!   It is horrible. This country is stringed by many of the elite and have no regards to the people who just blindly accept it as it is inherited, to where ideas are deemed a threat as they appear to challenge an authority and its monopoly.  Government is the most egalitarian game in the world, with politicians act in favor of someones social, physical or intellectual inferior,  but our chances are equal to theirs, if we want it.  It is the perfect antidote for our world, where things such as superiority or inferiority exist only in the minds of politicians, just  like money and morality. 

      They continue to showcase what is wrong and yet they are unable to foster to remedy to fix their own infrastructure, so there is fear within.  Perhaps people are seeing the transparency through their mistakes, which is why there is a sort of questioning going on, particular with the diverse voice. For which, in the eyes of the government, diversity is a threat while conformity is a virtue and those choices made by those who "speak for the people", well lets be honest;  Our country is enduring the repercussions of those unmoral and political choices. America has never been so ripe for tyranny and autarchy, case and point, those like sovereign citizens. What is happening to our world, all this delusion, . We have to consciously design institutions they don’t design themselves. We either make our political arrangements based on ideological fantasy or we can make them based on our understanding, and through both examples of government and sovereign citizens are two peas of the same pod.  There is no common place to where a conversation can be had without it being fueled by ones own bigotry.  It will never get any better than this, unless we come together in our differences. We cannot even agree to equality so there is no movement in a forward direction that will lead to any resonance.

      1. Castlepaloma profile image75
        Castlepalomaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Never seem sovereignty so  divided this much before. The Bankers run the show and war is most profitable adventure. I guess we have to wait for War to sort all this out, no avoiding now.

        1. Azar Mendoza profile image57
          Azar Mendozaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          War? no, no, no, LOVE, wait, I forgot, THEY NEED MONEY

          1. Castlepaloma profile image75
            Castlepalomaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            It seem God and banker never have enough money. You would think love conquer all, yet it is fear running the show. A cluster f_ck of suffering of anything most society wants.  To when the dollar crashes and people, food and war go on the run.

            How I decide for a solution was to move to Bolivia, to escape the up coming insanity.


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