Meeting her dad for the first time. Bring gifts?

  1. cooljosiah03 profile image60
    cooljosiah03posted 5 weeks ago

    I have a scheduled visit to Costa Rica to see my girlfriend. Part of my itinerary is meeting her family for dinner. Her mom’s already seen me when we had a video chat a couple of weeks back.
    She actually likes me and has been helping my girlfriend in preparing for my visit. However, her dad is quite wary of me. He’s an old Tico who has met a lot of Westerners that have made bad impressions on the locals.
    This is what makes me anxious the most. What if he judges me even before he gets to know me? Another thing that worries me is that according to my girlfriend, her dad doesn’t know that we met on a romance tour, and she’s not sure how he would react to that information.
    By her description, her father seems to be a nice guy. He raised his family of three children with his hard work. He’s very protective of all of them. Honestly, he reminds me of my grandfather’s personality which is really nice but also worries me at the same time.
    I was thinking of impressing her father so he would like me. Should gifts be enough to do that? Should I bring something from my country or should I just get something generic like perfumes, shirts, and the likes?
    I really want to get on his good side especially that this will be the first time both of us will meet. Any suggestions? I badly need help on this matter. How do you impress a traditional Tico that might be your future in law?

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      Live to Learnposted 4 weeks agoin reply to this

      My experience in countries South of our border is that a gift is traditional and expected. Although, perfume or shirts seems a little odd for someone you don't know. My suggestion would be to bring a basket of items not readily available. My last trip out of the country (not to Costa Rica) made me miss good chocolate, chewing gum and ice cream. I'd just take a basket of assorted items I knew were scarce or not readily available.