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How do you keep a relationship alive? How do you keep marriage alive?

  1. ayaniv profile image51
    ayanivposted 8 years ago

    How do you keep a relationship alive? How do you keep marriage alive?

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    THE LOVE GURUposted 8 years ago

    I believe like with everything else in life that if it is suppose to last forever that there must must be spontaneity in almost every aspect of any relationship if not all. Everyone has a breaking point when it comes to something they believe to be boring. The ongoing job of the husband and wife is to combat this problem with change, wether its a cruise or trying different positions it all helps. Sex and romance are important parts but the most important is communication which is something that is learned through practice and not necessarily taught. Know that you can't alter everything at once, marriage is a marathon not a race.

  3. Azizi527 profile image60
    Azizi527posted 8 years ago

    Whether in a relationship or marriage, there are some key components.  If not both, one needs to take charge, engage in conversation, open and honest communication, don't get mad if one says something that you don't agree with. Learn to agree to disagree. Allow the person to be who they are and not make them into what you want them to be.  Pay close attention to the others needs and accomodate them, after all there is nothing that you should not do.  Sexually, be open, do everything and anything.  Be spontaneous, be romantic, be sexy, be understanding and learn how to give the other their own space and not take it personal.  Become a recreational companionship even if you don't like a particular sport. All these things count, keep a realtionship going.  Take charge, if you feel you are getting bored, do something about it, get freaky, submit to one anothers needs, fulfill them, create themes in the bedroom, go out and have a night on the town.  Be sexual, sensual, understanding, compassionate, and caring it goes a long way.

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    kimaneshaposted 8 years ago

    I can say this with confidence because I have experienced the confusion and the learning about how to try and rekindle/keep my relationship alive. Ater every attempt the best thing for me was to retrace my steps from the beginning and see what exactly made us closer in our relationship. The best thing to do is to start rom the beginning and start doing things as i you were dating each other for the first time.If married keep it alive by growing with each other and keep an open mind for one another when it comes to dreams and or fantasies each may have.