should i give him another chance?

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  1. whispers of faith profile image60
    whispers of faithposted 9 years ago

    should i give him another chance?

    read my hub called actors? or the real thing? and let me know if i should take him back i need a tally. cause i think i may love him but i dont want to get hurt again?

  2. profile image56
    NNathanielStockposted 9 years ago

    Getting hurt is part of life and part of love if you think you love him then go with what your heart is telling you to do and what you think is the right thing for your self. No tally can make the right outcome for its you and you alone that will decide to give him another chance and if you have to ask this deep down you already have your answer to this question.

  3. OhKathryn profile image59
    OhKathrynposted 9 years ago

    It isn't always easy taking someone back once, but the sounds of it you have taken him back plenty of times and each time he has done the same thing and hurt you because of his selfishness. If I was in your position no I would not take him back, it seems to me he comes back to you when he can't find anything better and goes off searching for it again, he can't just settle for you. Do you want him to come back in your life and keep doing it? He is using you when he needs someone and he knows he can come back because you keep letting him and each time you get hurt. He has had way to many chances to make things right. Your a beautiful girl and I think you can find someone better that can love and only want to be with you.

  4. profile image0
    HSPrincessposted 9 years ago

    Sometimes it is time to let it go and move on.
    Unless you do, you'll truly never grow up to be the best that you can and also experience something magical.

    Relationships, despise how it ends teaches us something about ourselves; it teaches us what we want the next time around.

    It teaches us the way we want to be treated and the reasons why. It teaches what not to stick around for and what to fight for.

    I always say everyone deserve a chance 'once' twice is too many times already because it tells the person they can walk all over you and be safe around you.

    There's only so much mistake a person can make before it takes a toll.

  5. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 9 years ago

    you have answered your own question dear.  As for what you think concerning should know!!!  There is nothing to think about  concerning matters of the heart!  If you were hurt before, then its for you to leave it alone and allow your heart to heal.  How can you go on being damaged?  That is how people accumulate baggage and all the other shit they bring into innocent people's lives as they move on.  It is not fair neither is it right.  If it is meant for you guys to be together, he will mature and treat you right the second and last time.  There is no need for anyone to suffer in the name of love, and if you do---then it isnt love......ciao

    vonda g. Nelson

  6. profile image47
    useyourgiftposted 9 years ago

    Dance like nobody is watching; work like you don't need the money; love like you are not afraid to be hurt.

    I did not read your hub, however; there is an answer awaiting you. You must first trust yourself to understand what love means to you and you must think in depth about your love for this person. As of this moment you are asking others to make a decision for you without knowing where in life they are.

    Find the inner strength to know yourself before you make a life altering decison. What is love to you? For me, love is determined by the size of the hole that would be left in my life should I lose a love.

  7. mackyi profile image69
    mackyiposted 9 years ago

    Before I proceed to answer this question, there are other information that I would like to have. First, I would like to know what point of the relation did you let him go. Did you let him go during courtship or at a point way pass courtship? Did you let him go at the point where you fell for him or in other words; were you in love with him?
    Secondly,because there are actually three sides to every story,i.e. your side,his side and the truth,I would also like to know what really happened from both of you. This is all I need in order to give you my honest opinion. I must say thou,if you guys seperated over some petty matters that could be otherwise resolved via simple discussion,then I think you could give him a second chance,especially if he is really a great guy,otherwise.

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