What does feminism mean today?

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    Jemilla R-Cposted 8 years ago

    What does feminism mean today?

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    Jemilla R-Cposted 8 years ago

    I was once told by a 50 year old man that " You see the problem with Feminists is that they took off their bras, fought a bit, then put them back on"... then he walked off laughing...

    This is so insanely ignorant but definitely symbolic of the place in world which feminism sits today.

    The world has become this big tangled web of issues that its hard to see exactly what you could be (or should be) fighting for.

    Women weren't allowed to vote, so people fought against it....
    Women weren't allowed access to contraception, so people fought against it...

    There's a load of oppressive issues within  history which social change has been instigated against, now what do we have?

    A constant battle with issues of ideologies towards women to access to HIV treatment across the world to femocide and rape.

    Doesn't it seem slightly futile? What are today's women coming up against?

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    pmccrayposted 8 years ago

    I was a teen during the Feminist Movement.  It stalled and came to a screeching halt.

    It changed some things for women for instance equal pay for equal work.  The movement ensured that rape would be deemed just that rape by working to get laws passed to protect women. 

    All whittled away to one moment in time, on a reality show when a blonde boobshell asked " where's the chicken" in Chicken of the Sea Tuna?

    I think you may see a female or two as members of some prestigious board rooms, but other than that we're still seen as sex objects and not much more. 

    Women are their own worst enemy.  We stoop to the sexual level expected by males in chase of the almighty dollar.  We now have entertainers who strut half naked in front of God and the world. 

    Women preen, kiss and fondle each other on the screen to tittlate men.  We have ourselves artificially insimulated to see how many kids we can produce in order to land a reality show.

    Where are the female captains of industry, owners of companys, leaders in the political arena?  Very few..all that marching and raising of awarness was all for not...that 50 year old moron had a point.