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When a woman feels hurt by her man, i learned something, dont be selfish! detail

  1. ~*Brown Eye$*~ profile image54
    ~*Brown Eye$*~posted 8 years ago

    When a woman feels hurt by her man, i learned something, dont be selfish! details below, PLZ read

    on my birthday he gave me a card accompanied with a promis ring. every time i opened that card tha words in it made me feel so loved n lucky to have this man. yesterday i tore it to peices in an argument. i snapped tha ring box in half, threw my ring off. satan really got me. even if he forgives me for wat i did, i cant forgive myself. i feel unworthy to ever ask for my ring back. in tha midst of my own selfish feelings, i was blind to tha reasons why i love him, overlooked why i appreciate him. we jus had our baby 3 months early n god is blessing her. im so ashamed in myself dont kno wat 2 do

  2. Christine Tierney profile image54
    Christine Tierneyposted 8 years ago

    Just pray and ask God for forgiveness. It is there...and it's free. Then talk to your boyfriend. You have recently had a baby. Your hormones are still wonky believe it or not. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are worthy. And if your boyfriend truly loves you, he will think that you are worthy as well.
    Apologize....that's all you can do.
    You need to go and look in the mirror...and tell yourself..." I am a good person, and I am worthy of this man" and repeat it several times. Sometimes we all, men and women alike...think that we "aren't worthy" or "don't deserve" someone that is so good to us. You are right...Satan had control of that one sweetie.....God will forgive you. That is why Jesus died for you....for your sins.
    Take care! I will pray for you today!

  3. xxMaritzaMxx profile image54
    xxMaritzaMxxposted 8 years ago

    The only thing I have learned in life is to forgive and move on. This is in the past. There will not be anything you can do to make it right and instead of hurting yourself even more by trying too hard and possibly ruining yourself even further, move on. Saying you're sorry is the best thing right now. When you say it and mean it, you'll feel better. That way you can move on instead of dwelling and having the guilt consume you. Trust me..

  4. wscott1971 profile image53
    wscott1971posted 8 years ago

    Don't punish yourself. You have already settled within yourself that what you did was wrong. You cannot change what you did, but you can move on and reassure him that you acted out of emotion. We all have been guilty of reacting "in the moment" just as you did. Take inventory of yourself. Be honest enough to accept that you may need some counselling in the area of emotion or self control. If this is something that you do regularly, I would definitely reccommend counselling from someone you trust. You are totally normal. You have to forgive yourself though...it's not fair to the relationship or you.

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