How do you feel about people that are not truthful about who they really are? D

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    skeletonsposted 8 years ago

    How do you feel about people that are not truthful about who they really are?  Do you confront them?

    If they are lying to themselves or other do help them find the truth?

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    sumosalesmanposted 8 years ago

    The past few years I've used Craigslist to get an apartment and a job and in both cases I got some pretty brutal bait-and-switches pulled on me.  In one case I got locked in for two weeks with a woman sick with Lyme disease and the other disaster was a job promising me $48,000 a year and free rent that devolved into $9,000, skipped paychecks and blaming me for things like FairPoint outages.

    In both cases I learned that there's no limit to how demented a fully functioning human being can still be.  My advice would be to save your resources and not get drawn into a human cesspool.

  3. The Craziest Hub profile image54
    The Craziest Hubposted 8 years ago

    I believe each person holds their own truth and others perceptions of others are reflections from themselves. There was a time when I lived a life as a 'victom mentality' and judged many others truth. Does not get one anywhere, yet an uhappy life. Why would one feel the need to challenge someone elses truth?
    I think it a waiste of time and energy.
    I would say live for yourself and if you have skeletons, sort them out so you can feel good enough not to be too rapped up in defining other pwople. Enjoy the moment.