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What if you really love your partner, but the intimacy isn't really there( the p

  1. aricky22 profile image58
    aricky22posted 8 years ago

    What if you really love your partner, but the intimacy isn't really there( the physical attraction)?

  2. lindylou2 profile image61
    lindylou2posted 8 years ago

    I have learned the hard way that sometimes the attraction was there all the time but you take the other person for granted.  It has nothing to do with what they look life, sometimes is due to other actions. Take for instance this situation; let your partner be attracted to someone else or someone else be attracted to them and you will find out what you really feel and it won't just be jealousy if you really love them.

    If you lose the intimacy, you will soon lose other parts of the relationship.  Intimacy is a very important part of any relationship and if it dies.....it should not die.  Do you want to give your partner away?  You decide.  If you do, continue on the path you are going and then you just might see what you really feel. 

    This is my view.

  3. JamieK profile image59
    JamieKposted 8 years ago

    If you aren't physically attracted to your partner then you should ask yourself why?  Is your partner just a really good friend that you care about or have you lost your attraction over the years.  The bottom line is that people should be attracted at an emotional and physical level for any relationship to succeed.

  4. John McCall profile image34
    John McCallposted 8 years ago

    Intimacy is a very important part of a relationship, but I don't think it needs to be the make or break part.  It is likely that if one partner wants intimacy but the other doesn't then this really comes down to communication, it needs to be discussed, because if one person is not being satisfied then there will be a break down.

    Any relationship should be built on friendship and so long as you have a strong friendship then any problems around intimacy will be reduced.  Perhaps you both just need a break from intimacy, or perhaps one of you can no longer be intimate.  I guess the reasons around the intimacy need to be explored. 

    Maybe it is destined to only be a friendship and you need to look again for that relationship.

  5. profile image0
    Jawa Lunkposted 8 years ago

    physical attraction in a true loving relationship is formed by the emotional connection.

    If you are lacking the physical attraction, it's because your emotional connection needs work.

  6. Dave Mathews profile image60
    Dave Mathewsposted 8 years ago

    True love is not merely based upon physical attraction, or compatability. Some women once they reach their menopausal are are unable to physically sexually respond due to dryness, pain and tenderness all throughout their bodies. This does not mean they don't still love you just that they cannot respond physically the way you might want. It also does not mean that you stop loving her either. Love is an emotion not a feeling or response.

    If you find this response helpful or useful please check out some of my hub writings. Hopefully you will enjoy them.

  7. profile image67
    Msgracieposted 8 years ago

    that could be a problem no physical attraction, but it can be a problem with physical attraction and no love and caring feelings.  I think I would appreciated having the love and maybe working on the intimacy....and as someone else said you would really have to question why there isn't a physical attraction... Maybe trying something could help the intimacy or maybe it's that they are more of friend than a lover feeling of love to you.

    To add, sometimes with the guy I love, I feel as though I really don't like him like I used to....we had some issues in the past and things he said or does that is rude, makes me not like him and even his reaction to things that I have caught him in behavior of lies, getting offline not answer questions, discussing our sex life with his brother that spread rumors about it, but although that bothers me for some reason I know I do love him, but it does cause me to think that I should like him if I love him, but at times I do not and he turns me off completely to his character! (sexually we are extremely attracted to each other though) strange