How can I get a solid love-life? (see additional details for specific questions)

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    zh2010posted 8 years ago

    How can I get a solid love-life? (see additional details for specific questions).  Many thanks.

    Hey, I am a single guy in my early twenties and I also have a dry spell too. I must add I never had anything serious with girls. How can I have a good enough initial meeting to keep the girls interested in me and secure a first date? And how do I go about turning the first date into a second date and 'seal the deal'? And under what circumstances do 'one-night stands' occur? When does flirting and making moves come in handy and how should I play those cards? How are wingmen useful and under what conditions could they be? Finally, is it better to meet girls via friends or via 'cold approach'????

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    flirtydatingposted 7 years ago

    Well, you've asked a lot of good questions so I'll try to answer some of them..

    First of all, try to put your shyness or doubt aside when approaching a woman you're trying to date. Women don't like cockiness, but they like confidence.. even faked confidence. It's almost indistinguishable.

    A good approach for you to getting started in the art of flirting, and interaction with the opposite gender, might be checking out online dating services. I've made a few hubs about the topic, and will be writing on it fairly often so just check my profile for more info.