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hi ....soo i had a question... what makes a relationship so strong.....like your

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    birdlover123posted 7 years ago

    hi ....soo i had a question... what makes a relationship so strong.....like yours smile ?

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    evetsp1posted 7 years ago

    First of all, read the quote in the picture...Those things are what makes the relationship so strong and great.  You need to be in love with everything about this person...Not just one or two, or ten things, but nearly everything....If you aren't at first that is ok too...Many habits the other has will grow on you, and you will come to love them greatly...Happiness is also what you need, always...You WILL get into fights, whether small or large, but you will get through them, as long as both sides talk, and get what they are feeling out...Take your time with everything in a relationship...Like trying to build up muscles...You work slowly to make them strong...and once they are as strong as you want them, you need to maintain that strength.  That is exactly what a relationship is.  You slowly build it up, until you reach that peak, where you have to maintain it...At times it is easy to maintain, others it is not!!!...I hope this is some help, if not continue asking!!!

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    stacies29posted 7 years ago

    communication and understanding. Me and my husband been together for four years and we have a strong bond that no one can break.  It took alot of trust and truthfulness for us to stay together so long

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    sweetpeasmommyposted 7 years ago

    It's been said, but it bears repeating: communication, communication, communication! We keep no secrets from each other. My husband is literally my best friend and I am his. We talk about EVERYTHING. It really is the key to our succesful marriage.

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    k.k.posted 7 years ago

    well.... i dont really know. i had a couple of boyfriends but they werent good. not even nice