how do you tell the one u in a relationship with the truth after 2years of relat

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    seen1posted 7 years ago

    how do you tell the one u in a relationship with the truth after 2years of relationship. secret...

    that could possibly end the relationship. help on whether to still keep it a secret bcos u don't want to lose him or just tell the truth. the relationship is shaking right now and he wants the truth on my past and things that i have lied about. help on how to tell him becos its so hard to be looked at different and its will completely damage the trust and honesty

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    faithellsworthposted 7 years ago

    if he really wants to kno, tell him! ask him before hand if he'll  get mad when u tell him. if he says maybe, then try telling it slowly, and then if he truly cares about u, (prbly does!) hell just eventually let it go. if the secret is current, i would wait awhile before telling him, just to play it safe. u want him to trust u rite? so if u to him seem VERY reluctant to tell, he might think that U  dont trust him and then get mad. although,i think what "beautifulgirls" said was true. the decision is really up to u. i hope this helped! though im not sure ur problem is fixed or not.....

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    Tashaonthetownposted 5 years ago

    The truth shall set you free!  When you love someone being honest is very important.  If there is a secret sooner or later it will come to haunt you.
    Be honest, tell the truth and it will make your relationship stronger.
    I am sure the news will be upsetting to hear but the truth is appreciated by the person you love and it is good to release, so just do it!