How do i get him back after i have done everything wrong?

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    EmJayy1991posted 7 years ago

    How do i get him back after i have done everything wrong?

    I recently split up with my boyfriend after a year, i was his first love and he was mine.
    Although you have written about getting the guy back, i have already done all these things wrong so does that mean i still have a chance because i think he wants to start seeing someone else, but i know if i change i could try and win him back, have you any advice?

  2. Chaice27 profile image55
    Chaice27posted 7 years ago

    Be yourself first and foremost. Be patient and be honest with yourself. Keep in touch without being demanding and be understanding. You probably hurt him and it will take time to heal that. There is always a chance especially if you were meant to be together.

    Remember if you change to get him back will you be happy? If you are not happy how can he be? and how can you make him happy when you are miserable?
    Be yourself and know that you and he will both change plenty in life. Don't force the change to quickly or you will forget yourself and than no one will be happy.