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Does money buy happiness

  1. billy sidhu profile image78
    billy sidhuposted 7 years ago

    Does money buy happiness

  2. anileapen_99 profile image51
    anileapen_99posted 7 years ago

    Never Money doesnt bring happiness. Thats for sure...........But still you need money for your regular living

  3. iam_jayme profile image56
    iam_jaymeposted 7 years ago

    Yes to that, I was so happy when my husband bought me my iphone, and when my in-laws bought us tickets for a trip to Hongkong and Macau...
    The thing is… money can bring you happines when you can share what you buy with it.
    Like when I take pictures of my kids with my iphone and then email it or send it right away to my mom and sisters.
    Or we were all so happy in Hongkong and Macau because the whole family was there and we had tons of fun.
    Sure we were stripped off a lot of cash during that trip but hey we're glad we "bought happines" with it.

  4. tel37 profile image54
    tel37posted 7 years ago

    It,s hard to be happy if you can,t pay the rent or feed your family.Does more than enough money buy happiness ?maybe the real question.It can certainly help a great deal.I,ve been penniless in far away places and been happy,I,ve had thousands of pounds and been unhappy.No matter the circumstance, be happy,positive,thankful for each moment,each blessing.Ok ,,I got no shoes,there,s a man with no feet.Nothing is permanent,both joy and pain exist together,one is not without the other.Like rain and sun,day an night,life an death.The greatest ,truest happiness contains some sadness,for to be truly happy we must first have been truly unhappy.How can you enjoy the sun if there,s never any rain ?
    It,s not what happens in life that,s important,,but how we react that counts.The happiest people I,ve seen are the beggar classes an those that keep the child within them.I,ve spent all my money but I,m happy for the food I,ve got,the shelter,the friends,the health,my senses,my body,the stars,moon,oceans,music and wind,for love ,truth,for caring,even happy to be sad ! ,,,,Sorry ,first posting ,getting bit carried away.Love each other,do good,be true to you an to others.Jesus,Alla ,Buddha.Mohamed,Ghandi ,my parents all knew the way.Life gone in a moment ENJOY IT as much as possible in the nuthouse of life !
    I got no butter but I got bread,I got no hat but I got a head,I got no money but I got a home,I got no degree but inside I glow

  5. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 7 years ago

    Oh God yes!  Why do you think that poor children want to get out of their neighborhoods?   Because they want something beyond their meager existence.   They do not want to live from hand to mouth.  Being poor is detrimental to happiness.  When a person is poor, he/she constantly struggle to buy the basic necessities, wondering how they are going to make it the next day.  They are constantly worrying.

    On the other hand,a person with money does not have to worry about those things.   Having money equals having better choices.  The rich live, eat, and dress better.  They can also travel better and better access to health care and education.  Wake up and smell the coffee!  It is not being rich that is wrong, it is being poor that is wrong!  Money indeed buys happiness!