Does anyone else live in two countries and finds it difficult to make and keep f

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    Kerkedijkposted 7 years ago

    Does anyone else live in two countries and finds it difficult to make and keep friends in both?

    My husband works in Germany but we live in Ireland. We have therefore two homes. I have stopped working so that I can be free to see him here or in Germany every few weeks. I find it difficult to keep friends here and to establish good contacts in Germany. Two lives are difficult to juggle and I feel I am only half living at times. This is a long distance marriage now also - not easy after 29 years of being so close.  Anyone have experience of this?

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    Chasukposted 7 years ago

    I've been married to the same wonderful woman for 29 years. We are now living together in South Korea, but we have friends and family scattered all over the globe.

    Skype helps us cope. Facebook helps us cope. Email helps us cope. The timezones are tricky, but we manage.

    Still, the situation of partners separated by distance is tremendously more stressful. I know, because I've been in that situation many times.

    How did we cope when we were separated? We coped by joining clubs and organizations. She joined a jazz appreciation club, which made meeting people easier. We played computer games online together, and met people in these games who became our friends.

    Join a book club (one that meets physically). Go to church. Take up swing dancing. Take karate lessons. Learn yoga or meditation. Then, when you are together again, you have these interests to share and explore.

    It was actually quite amazing to be both of us how much we enjoyed becoming involved in the hobbies and/or pastimes that we had each adopted out of the necessity of filling the hours of the other's absence.

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