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will JOHN ever call me again. r come to see me

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    lsmith0271posted 7 years ago

    will JOHN ever call me again. r come to see me

    i used to see this guy. just want to know if he will ever come back in my life

  2. LindsayRose123 profile image56
    LindsayRose123posted 7 years ago

    maybe. You could meet him when you least exspect it,

  3. warrioRR profile image59
    warrioRRposted 7 years ago

    Hope for the Best
    every thing will be fine

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    sadaafposted 7 years ago

    “I recently found out the man I’ve been sleeping with was sleeping with another woman. So I decided to go to his job when I knew he would be going home to ask him what was going on. When he saw me he cursed me out like a dog in the street told me to stay away from him and leave him alone. It was like he never had any feelings for me at all after 4 yrs. So I did what he asked me to do until a few days ago when I called his house to say Hi, he answered and told me to never call his house again. As far as I am concerned what we had is over and I need to move on but too many people have told me that this same man will contact me someday in the future. I actually don’t believe this. What reason would he have to do so after he plainly told me what he told me. Can somebody help me to understand this?”

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    meghancsmithnjposted 7 years ago

    Move on.  Usually when you do the guy comes back. Men are hunters:  Don't call or email or communicate at all, that will only bug him! Find a hobby, friends, new job, anything to keep busy. If he wants you, he will contact you, but if you are already doubting it, move on.