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Daughter wants us to give her wedding so we proceeded with little money. She spe

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    roellaposted 7 years ago

    Daughter wants us to give her wedding so we proceeded with little money. She spent most on dress

    We had a friend set up to cater for cost and free use of the church basement.  suddenly it's not good enough and daughter wants more Grooms parents complain we are leaving them out they want to cook food. Rich aunt offers to rent huge reception area. Daughter refuses our arrangements and goes for theirs. We have to call and cancel caterer friend. We end up pushed to (helping.) Husband hurt and refuses to go to wedding. Groom calls husband bad father and says he does't love his kidsAnd our family dosen't love like his.Now we don't even want her to marry him.Is this OK?

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    Diane Insideposted 7 years ago

    Wow, what a mess this is becoming. I feel sad for you. It sounds to me like daughter is not very grateful. Since you tried to do what you could. However, since it is your daughter and she will only get married once (hopefully), maybe dad can swallow his pride and attend the wedding anyway at least he can say he was being a bigger man through it all especially since she wasn't very grateful that you were trying to give her the best you could. Commit to helping in anyway she needs you too, but let her know how it hurts your feelings that she prefers other arrangements. I'm sorry that this is happening this way I hope it all works out somehow. "Daddy" your daughter does want you there no matter what. and the more you refuse or dissaprove of this marriage it will happen. You know daughters they can be stubborn, I know I am one.

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    rndream09posted 7 years ago

    A wedding is a special occasion, every bride-to-be has her moments. As long as the wedding goes like the bride wants it, honestly it doesn't matter, this day will only happen once (hopefully) and then it will be over.
    It will get better, to the future bride everything just needs to be perfect..

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    MaryReneeposted 7 years ago

    Quite the situation. From my experience, many women want their weddings to be absolutely perfect. It's suppose to be the most important day of one's life. Many women want the best of everything for their wedding. To me, it sounds like your daughter just wants to have her ideal perfect wedding. She probably appreciates all you and your husband are doing, she just wants it the way she wants it. Weddings can be very frustrating. Families argue, and become angry over little things that get blown up. I would just let your daughter have it the way she wants it, so she doesn't hold grudges to anyone. Everyone's probably frustrated and overwhelmed. I'm sure in time everyone can get through this and forgive. Best wishes smile