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Tips for teenage relationships

  1. LOT2DO profile image36
    LOT2DOposted 7 years ago

    Tips for teenage relationships

  2. Sassypoetic profile image59
    Sassypoeticposted 7 years ago

    Know yourself first... The more you understand yourself, the better equipped you will be.. Many young ones who date break up with each other a week or two later often times.. Remember when you date someone you're affecting that person's feelings..

    So you want to be sure your intentions are honorable.. Many teens become eager to experiment with sex.. Teens today should take a different approach and rise above that... Wait until you're past the bloom of youth..

    Enjoy all the good things in life to being a teenager.. If it's someone you like and he wants to take it to another level... Tell him how you value his friendship... But you also value and respect yourself as a young lady - boys respect girls who are real and open minded... In other words be careful and make wise decisions...

    Teenage relationships many times turn serious and can quickly get out of control... you're too young to play husband and wife when in fact you're not at all married.. If you must date - then keep in honorable don't get pressured into anything no matter how fine or gorgeous he may be... Remember there's always consequences...

  3. gpinheiro profile image54
    gpinheiroposted 7 years ago

    I totally agree with Sassypoetic. I got pregnant and married at 16 and though i have always loved my husband, if i could go back in time i would have waited and lived my life differently.

  4. simple101 profile image55
    simple101posted 7 years ago

    I defintly agree with Sassypoetic.
    Pleasey honey, stay yourself. You should never have to feel like you should have to change yourself to impress a boy. Never go beyond your limits, or what your comfortable with. All to often young men try to push young women beyond themselves. Never cave into drugs, sex, or drinking, thinking that it will earn you the respect of another boy. If at anything it will probably make them respect you less, and give you a bad name.
    Don't let yourself be abused, and find help if you become a victum.
    But more than anything, please listen to your heart. (but always remember whats best for you!). Lots of love