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what to do when friends you trust don't even care when you need them ???

  1. NikenDiana profile image55
    NikenDianaposted 7 years ago

    what to do when friends you trust don't even care when you need them ???

  2. masaa profile image59
    masaaposted 7 years ago

    Diana this happens to as all. sometimes in life you shed away all and stand alone. thats when you can decide what really matters. now you can tell who your real friends are

  3. Aldric Tinker profile image83
    Aldric Tinkerposted 7 years ago

    Give yourself some time. As you recover, reduce your expectations on others - or eliminate them entirely.

    Perhaps it's also time to reflect on the relationship with that friend. Identify the cause of their behavior. However, avoid being confrontational or emotional as you do. You need to know what made them act like that.

    At the same time, you may need to consider looking for other friends.

  4. NikenDiana profile image55
    NikenDianaposted 7 years ago

    thanks guys for the advice ..yeah..sometimes funny coz we always hang out..clubbing..parties...but when we're down..we know who really true friends we have...
    less of the..be honest!! : )

  5. siamk2 profile image53
    siamk2posted 7 years ago

    Be careful next time that you are having friend or just hand shaker?...okay....i know life without a friend is more than a hell but it should be a friend not a freak...

    i have gone through........Just to Pray God for a friend to rely on a shoulder to cry on............

  6. Springboard profile image82
    Springboardposted 7 years ago

    First of all, the word friend is often used carelessly. If someone does not care if you need them, they are not a friend. Plain and simple.

  7. padmendra profile image46
    padmendraposted 7 years ago

    This topic has been discussed earlier on this hub. Everyone feels that without a friend life is like a tree without fruits. If you have this kind of friends what we are discussing here, the meaning of friends itself is a joke to the people who does not value the friendship.  Make friends carefully and see that you never sack them for their selfish act. A true friend is a treasure and asset of your life.