told friend my secret?

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    gtyuiokjposted 7 years ago

    told friend my secret?

    i was drinking the other night with a friend and told her i showed her my pink underwear and tights i was wearing, she took a picture of me on her phone and was giggling, now she calling me sissy and says that she cant wait to tell her friends so we can all go shopping, ive told her i only wear them for comfort and she just laugh and says they do suit me, she going out tonight and said she having a gilrs night out that i should be there when she talking to her friends, im worried she might say something what can i do??

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    mandyfposted 7 years ago

    Well, first of all drinking messes with your inhibitions. Second it is obvious you cannot trust this girl so why would you be drinking with her? Honestly I would just let it go. It is just a picture of underwear and tights. everyone wears them and has them. Just laugh with her and show her it does not bother you. So what you did something silly and she has a picture of it. She is calling you sissy, well that would entail that you have something she is jealous of. Be proud of who you are what you wear and dont let this "friend" get  to you. If you decide to go out with her bring the picture up to the other friends yourself laughing and saying..."OMG! I was drinking the other night and she got this ridiculous picture of me it is sooo funny!" Take her glory away and the other girls will have all eyes on you envious that you are able to laugh at yourself and have a good time regardless of this other friends manipulative ways.