How do YOU deal with heartbreaks?

  1. heartbreakkid101 profile image35
    heartbreakkid101posted 7 years ago

    How do YOU deal with heartbreaks?

  2. danielle9119 profile image54
    danielle9119posted 7 years ago

    Move on,it is the best thing to do,I know it is very hard right now.But do things that you love to keep it out of your mind.Just remember you are a beautiful and good person,and when you meet the love of your life,you will think back at this person and laugh.

  3. ikisoi profile image61
    ikisoiposted 7 years ago

    First, I would say that, your life is your own. So this is the perfect point to work from. Just know that, at times we have to some extend conform to the standards of someone we love to try and work things out. This however does not always work out, so dissatisfaction sets in and the fruits,heart breaks. Thus we do not have a choice than accepting this ugly truth and deal with it and the more earlier we do this the better and faster recovery is.