why do people cheat.......specialy men???

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  1. faria_lupin profile image69
    faria_lupinposted 8 years ago

    why do people cheat.......specialy men???


  2. greengypsywolf1 profile image61
    greengypsywolf1posted 8 years ago

    First I would like to open that the statitstics dealing with sex factors in infidelity is getting pretty close to dead even, so the especially men addition isn't especially tru.
    As far as the rampent infidelities in this day, I beleive that is part of our training given by society.
    We live in a temporary world, where everything seems to be viewed as disposable and replaceable.
    Everything we ecounter on a daiy basis is based on how it can bring joy to a person and then be cast away with out a second thought.
    Fast food, plastic/fibreglass cars, CD's (weakest musical format ever), MP3's (dont even exist in the physical world, so no worries about losing or breaking), and a whole plethera of cheap chinese made crap we know won't last till the end of the week.
    We are a society that, as a whole, shuns anything long term or substantial. This naturally leads to an attitude of impermanence that permeates all apsects of our society, even our relationships.
    Factor in that our culture places such emphasis on "players" and also that stigma's against women playing the field have dropped alot, and we have a giant clusterf*@K of free love going on.
    As is always the case with Humankind, we are ultimately the source of our own problems.

  3. warrioRR profile image60
    warrioRRposted 8 years ago

    Men don't cheat
    Girls do
    It's experienced by many people of the world including me

  4. galleryofgrace profile image81
    galleryofgraceposted 8 years ago

    9 times out of 10 men and women think they are in love when it was only infatuation or sexual attraction. They do not know true love so they go looking for that exciting feeling.
    True love will not cheat!
    Men cheat because women are available and women cheat because men are available.
    A person that's truly in love with their partner has no desire for anyone else.

  5. esha s profile image60
    esha sposted 8 years ago

    I  think  men  cheat  because  at  that  moment they  want  something  different,  new.  It  seems  to  me  that  if  they  cheat  they  don't  love  you  but  again  that  is  not  always  the  case.  Sometimes  they  think  the  wrong  head  and  thus  a  mistake  is  made,  without  even  thinking.  Of  course  cheating  is  bad  for  anyone  to  do  it  but  when  that  person  is  cheating  they  don't  think  about  that.  At  that  moment  the  only  thing  that  matters  is  getting  that  fix  and  on  to  the  next  person.  I  think  the  only  people  who  really  know  why  men  cheat  are  the  men.

  6. GdessLacey profile image60
    GdessLaceyposted 8 years ago

    Cheaters come from both genders. But it varies from situation to situation. More than likely if you are being cheated on by a male then he is not Man enough for you to even worry about. If it's a female then she's not Woman enough. The point is that before a person cheats they should express their feelings or desires to what is going on instead of being childish and going behind their partner's back.

    I've dealt with a cheating husband who wasn't man enough to tell me what was going on before it actually happened and he's still not Man enough for me to worry about. Not all Men are so childish, you just gotta find the right one for you. Same can be said for women too.


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