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For guys, how to show your girlfriend how much you care her?

  1. PierrePierre profile image60
    PierrePierreposted 7 years ago

    For guys, how to show your girlfriend how much you care her?


  2. R Jeffreys profile image55
    R Jeffreysposted 7 years ago

    Leave her a note on the bathroom vanity, before she gets up and write, "You'll be in my heart and thoughts throughout the day, because I love you!"

  3. donruiz profile image51
    donruizposted 7 years ago

    1. Open Communication
    2. Make quality time count
    3. Don't force a kiss hehe

  4. DaKingsKid profile image75
    DaKingsKidposted 7 years ago

    Take the time to realize who she is. the things that she likes, know the the color of her eyes, know her favorite color. Take time to do something that she would enjoy even if you hate it sacrifice this pain for her satisfaction and delight. Communicate to her through actions of affections that are not expectant on your part, basically be able to give with out expectation of something in return...

  5. Daniel J. Neumann profile image60
    Daniel J. Neumannposted 7 years ago

    Do something she enjoys, buy her a gift, and/or spend the day talking with her over meals and laying in the bed.