How shall i tell her?

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    RMFC93posted 7 years ago

    How shall i tell her?

    The thing is, we dont know each other really well enough atm. I really like her, like i have liked no-one else before. I was thinking about trying to do more stuff with her and then asking her out for valentines day perhaps. I know what you mean, the sooner i get her out of my mind the better, and then i can move on. The only problem is i see her every day and i cant avoid it. Asking her how she feels about me may be able complicated. Thanks for your previopus reply,, it is much appreciated smile

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    lcg4jcposted 7 years ago

    Dear heart, don't be afraid. If you feel she is for you then take your time and spend some time with her. Learn her likes her dislikes, invite her to a movie or to get a hamburger or even a good shake. Maybe she likes sports, you can invite her to a game. Nothing pushy just as friends. Let the friendship grow and while that friendship grows, permit your heart to know for sure if she really is the one.
    If you find she is, then ask her on an official date and let her know it is a date not friends hanging out. On the date you can let her know your feelings for her. Allow her time to take in what you say to her and eventually she will respond.
    BTW I think you are going to do just fine, you are already on a great mission and I know you can accomplish what you have set out to do.
    Blessings to you and may God bless your endeavor