Conversation issues

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    bella057196posted 7 years ago

    Conversation issues

    i really like this guy at school and i know he likes me too.  when we're together with friends, we have a great time..  But unfortunatley when we are alone together there is really nothing to talk about. any advice?

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    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 7 years ago

    Just enjoy the time that you share together being alone with each other. You do not need to talk if there is nothing to talk about and just be yourself and things will fall into place without both of you forcing conversation just for the sake of it. Experience the silence between the two of you and you both will discover LOVE PEACE FREE which every human being is to the core of their being. Just be it. Be love be peace be free. No conversation is needed to be love be peace be free. I hope things work out between the two of you if you are wanting a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Thank you.

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    Rosie2010posted 7 years ago

    He is just probably shy.  If you like his company and he likes your company, just being together makes you happy, there is no need for conversation.  Just enjoy each other's company.  If he is just shy, when he becomes more comfortable with you, you won't be able to shut him up.  You can start a small talk tho' like about school, your homework, maybe you can help him or he helps you in some school work, tell him about your favourite flower, ask him about his favourite colour.. you two can even gossip about your other friends.. and laugh together.. laughing together is a good start.  I hope I helped a little.

    Have a nice day,