Im in nys, have been paying child support for over 15 years, one kid turned 21 a

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    nyshaloreachposted 7 years ago

    Im in nys, have been paying child support for over 15 years, one kid turned 21 and the other is...

    19 turning 20. I havent missed a payment, but a couple years back was injured on the job and am getting paid through my job still and collecting social security. My support is taken out of my work check, are my two kids still able to get support from my social security check also ? even if im current through my workplace check ?

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    Abbasangelposted 7 years ago

    That is a really good question and I don't know the exact rules in your state, however in Australia the Child Support Agency will take about 10% of your social security payments.

    It would be best to ask them next time your on the phone to them. They should tell you. Sorry I can't be more helpful to your specific circumstances and oh my gosh you have to pay until they are 21? Its 18 here.

    Wow, this is beyond belief it is so unfair. This is just such a prominent example of how womens rights (not that I would give an inch on any of mine) are destroying our men.

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    nyshaloreachposted 7 years ago

    Thank you for your response abbasangel. Most kids in NYS go off support around 18, but the max age is 21. In my case, both kids are supporting themselves, living on there own and such. In all the years ive never questioned or attempted to modify support and when I was injured I still didnt try. I suffered a career ending injury, awaiting surgery for both my neck and back but still get paid through my job and support never change other than cost of living increases for my kids. I had received a letter saying I was behind on payments, which stunned me due to every amount has been taken ouf of my check for years (my choice). When I contacted support collection they said not to worry it was mistake, well month later I get notice from social security that they are with holding the amount due and will take out monthly what im already paying. When contacting nys support collection, they claim they know nothing, social security is like clapping with one hand, each time ive called there ive spoken to someone I dont understand due to there foreign language, but the court states it shouldnt have happened. I filed a petition but its in limbo atm.

    I do believe in support, but this is extreme and anyone getting support until 21 I dont believe in, but never tried stopping it. Something needs to be done thats for sure.