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my wife is 7yrs older than me,and never wants sex anymore,we have only been marr

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    elmersidesposted 7 years ago

    my wife is 7yrs older than me,and never wants sex anymore,we have only been married for 4 months?

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    Digital Friendposted 7 years ago

    Maybe you should try a different approach when it comes to sex. Offer her a nice back-rub, and after a while you could go down on her or something. If you haven't tried that before, read up on it.

    ...or you could just talk to her about it.

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    lapinposted 7 years ago

    hi I am 11 yrs older than my  french partner, we have a good and varied sex life, we normally start off with a gentle body massage with scented oil, if you invest in some massage oil, the higher the price the better the oil ( a little goes a long way) ususally massage oils have different concoctions, look on the label, for one that says for sensual relaxing massage, the aroma will waken the senses, start off with soft gentle massage gradually a little firmer, also prep  the room with soft lighting candles etc, (make sure you lay on large bath towel for massage it saves  getting bedlinen soiled) just cuddle and softly touch and explore each others body also the french tend to have sex in the dark(not because they don't want  to see your face or body !!!) it heightens the arousal, because you are touching and caressing not looking for a response face 2 face, believe me it works !!! it doesn't matter how much older your partner its down to finding out what both enjoy or dislike and working out whats right  for you, there is a book called 364 days of sex (not all penetrative sex) its written in french but has great pictures) I don't know if there is an english version but its  a good book. starts off with section about taking time to explore each others bodies.  hope this helps, my ex was 10 yrs older than me he just decide he didn't want sex  anymore and wouldn't discuss it. so essentially you need to talk and then take it from there, the key is to communicate with each other.

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    Butch Newsposted 7 years ago

    You have a serious problem.  Maybe she is secretly lesbian and married you for a trophy husband.

    If you have a good income and there is no sex so quickly something is seriously wrong.

    You need to see a marriage counselor immediately or have the marriage annulled... immediately.  Waiting will make it harder to do that... but after 4 months I'm certain a judge would take your side.

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    MisterCullenposted 7 years ago

    First you need to identify the issue.  Women normally with hold sex when they are unhappy!  You can try to be more passionaye but if she's unhappy your not getting at the issue with a back rub.  Stop and listen.  Has she expressed negative feelings about anything?

    Secondly how was her sex drive before this episode?  Some woman just don't have the same sex drive as their male partners, if this is the case you may need to rethink the relationship.

    Third she could be Dippin.

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    krillcoposted 7 years ago

    Since I don't know how long you were together prior to being married, it's hard to answer you. Let's assume you had a more lengthy relationship prior to marriage, and were having sex prior to marriage.

    In any long term relationship, there will be a difference in sexual desire that will eventually show up...initially, it appears that your sex drives are equally matched, but no couple has equally matched sex drives (really, it's a matter of relativity to each other, even when they are closely matched).

    Once the initial passion wears off, the difference in desire will present itself. The trick is to learn how to soothe yourself as the high desire partner when she turns you down or does not initiate. If you press, she will only 'back up' and things will get worse.

    So: when you want sex, initiate with courage. If she turns you down, soothe yourself and try again another time. One thing is for sure: you cannot turn a lower desire partner for sex into a high desire partner for sex...the proof is thousands of years of useless potions, pills, and odd things that are supposed to boost sexual desire, but only really lighten your wallet.

    I strongly suggest you read the book: "Intimacy and Desire" by
    David Schnarch, and visit my website for some free information about this topic at: Gentling.org

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    Ashantinaposted 7 years ago

    Maybe its because there's no more chase..
    Maybe.. maybe.. maybe..