Can you help me I need some very good helpful advice to fix my relationship with

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    Jmisses...posted 7 years ago

    Can you help me I need some very good helpful advice to fix my relationship with my mother?

    over they say that they can feel something wrong in the air. Everything I say to her it is like I am being disrespectful I mean she just finished yelling at me. I actually sat there and thought about what I said to see how that could have been disrespectful but some times it is completey her exaggerating about something minor. My mom's friends even say stuff about how me and my brother act with morals and respect of how we are and how we talk to people almost everyone we meet they automatically say that we are not like other teenagers but then my mother is always telling me that I am disrespec

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    krillcoposted 7 years ago

    The issue may be less about respect than 'reactivity'. Reactivity is always toxic to relationships, and makes people feel disrespected.

    Reactivity is not what you say or don't say, and it's not what you do or not's what is going on INSIDE of is a combination of your negative thoughts (thinking smack about someone) and the resulting strong and negative emotions.

    You cannot hide your reactivity from someone who knows you pretty well; it shows no matter what. That's why so many people get insulted by another person's 'attitude' when that person may have not even said a word.

    Learning how to RESPOND instead of react is key. How to do this? calm your negative thoughts and soothe your angry emotions, get hold of yourself, and then respond.