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Single or Relationship, which is best for you?

  1. Iontach profile image85
    Iontachposted 7 years ago

    Single or Relationship, which is best for you?

  2. Jaynie2000 profile image92
    Jaynie2000posted 7 years ago

    I'm fortunate enough to be in a great relationship, but I truly believe there is merit to both. It is nice having a companion to come home to, access to intimacy at any time, and a best friend to go out with. It is also quite wonderful to love and feel loved every day.

  3. Right On Time profile image62
    Right On Timeposted 7 years ago

    Right now happy to be single because of last relationship..lol

  4. Alya rose profile image57
    Alya roseposted 7 years ago

    I'm quite happy to be single,I don't have the stress and pressure of a relationship and to be constantly making sure I'm not messing up.

  5. thisismylife9123 profile image59
    thisismylife9123posted 7 years ago

    Well, having experienced some pretty terrible relationships, I prefer being single. was married young, when I was 17, and that ended in the worst way possible. Now that I'm 22, I'm a little more cautious and guarded.I'm sure that if the relationship is good, it would be worth the fight, but for now it's just me and my guitar.

  6. profile image0
    ssaulposted 7 years ago

    Aw, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes people feel like being single and other times they want to be in a relationship because of the benefits of both. I rather be in a relationship because of the wonderful feelings and romance involve and at that my hubby understands when i need a breather, lol

  7. Brown-eyed-girl profile image59
    Brown-eyed-girlposted 7 years ago

    I am in a relationship. As for which is best for me, I enjoy being with the man I am with. He is a good man and he treats my kids well.

  8. teamfusiongroup profile image58
    teamfusiongroupposted 7 years ago

    I am good either way. My relationship does not define me, nor does it define my wife as well. I am quite content being on my own and don't require a relationship to determine my direction, just enhance it.

  9. shaaam2007 profile image58
    shaaam2007posted 7 years ago

    hi friend relationship is the best for life

  10. thearaneo profile image58
    thearaneoposted 7 years ago

    The single is the best because the people around us always friendly with single person then relationship person.

  11. manhatten145 profile image51
    manhatten145posted 7 years ago

    Well does it really matter ? Some times in a relationship you still find out you are by your self. FRIENDSHIP causes no haters and everything stays calm cool and collective. No benifits though it causes problems within the friendship. Relationships seem so strenuious these days,Why?

  12. elrangatang profile image70
    elrangatangposted 7 years ago

    It all depends on the relationship. A loving relationship can offer happiness, comfort and proven medical benefits including decreased stress and longer life.

    However, an abusive relationship can do the opposite.

  13. jwburkhard profile image56
    jwburkhardposted 7 years ago

    Relationship, I'm 4 days from my 10 year anniversary to my wonderful wife. Through all the ups and downs I still love her as much as I did, if not more, then when we first met.

  14. Curtis Aron profile image78
    Curtis Aronposted 7 years ago

    I am in a great relationship right now and couldn't be happier.  But in the past, it seemed as though I wanted the opposite of what I had.  When I was single, I wanted to be in a relationship and when I was in a relationship, I wanted to be single at times.  I think that maturity and finding the right person led me to the discovery that a relationship is best for me.

  15. Ciminder profile image59
    Ciminderposted 7 years ago

    Although I am completely in love with my significant other and wouldn't trade our relationship for the world, I can honestly say that if we had never met each other, I would be perfectly happy living the single life.  There are so many benefits to both styles of living, and I think it is a matter of personal preference and what goals you have in life.

  16. Tricia Barnes profile image57
    Tricia Barnesposted 7 years ago

    I've had enough of being single. And then I date a guy and remember why I choose to be single.

  17. tysanders profile image61
    tysandersposted 7 years ago

    It would depend on where I am mentally and emotionally. Being single was nice because I didnt have to worry about or accomodate anyone but myself. You dont have to answer to anyone about where you're going or who you're speaking to on the phone. You can eat what you want for dinner without having to consider the next person and you can date as many people as you like. The downfall is loneliness can set in or you have to deal with a lot of tough situations or events on your own. Being in a relationship is more responsibility and it teaches you to care for someone other than yourself. You also have someone to go through life with and share memories, events, etc. There are pros and cons to each.