hello ive been seeing this guy for almost a month my best friend

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    nicole colemanposted 7 years ago

    hello    ive been  seeing  this  guy  for   almost  a  month  my  best  friend   hooked  me ...

    up  with this  guy  and  we do  go out and  we  al ready  slept  with each  other  but  im,  not   sure   that   hes  telling  me  everything  that  im  suppose  to know   and  i  think  that   he   thinks  that  im this  type  of  person  who hides  things  from   him,  too  like  if  i have   male   friends, that  im still sleeping  with  and  he always  says  behave  whenever  he  leaves  my  house

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    stricktlydatingposted 7 years ago

    He likes you because he's going out with you and sleeping with you.  But it's only been a month, and it seems like at least from his point of view it's still a casual thing, because he's lead you to think that he is keeping things from you, and although he's telling you to 'behave' when he's not around, it seems like he hasn't clarified with you that you're in a committed boyfriend/girlfriend relationship at this stage.