What topics are considered good conversation pieces on a FIRST date?

  1. devonna31 profile image57
    devonna31posted 6 years ago

    What topics are considered good conversation pieces on a FIRST date?

    How can you break the ice without melting completely melting? What topics should be discussed? What topic would end a date for you?


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    reeltaulkposted 6 years ago

    hobbies, likes and dislikes, nothing too personal or that would make the person believe you are dropping hints (in regards to dislikes).  Just random silly pet peeves maybe.  It's also good to talk about past times if they aren't too weird or out there.  If you're from a different countries or maybe from America it's good to talk about your neighborhood or maybe things that you look forward to doing when you visit your country.  Invading someone's space is a no no.  If they decide to share what they do for a living how much money they make and their address, then let them take it upon themselves to do it.  That has always been a turn off for me because I really don't want to know "your business" because "your business" could be one big lie.  Just be yourself and dont think about too much.  Trying to impress or be more than you are just makes things more difficult.  Then you wont know if the person is into you or into who they think you are or what you have.

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    dianne143posted 6 years ago

    For the first date should be more on personal details like questions  you used to answer in slum-books, resume that would be so nice and you know already what that questions are right?. Avoid dead air if possible don't stop talking just pause and let the conversation flow like when you ask questions when he/she answers it then have some follow up questions to make it more fun.

    By the way a guy or a girl would easily fall for someone who is a smart talker and good conversationalist because they are not boring and they are fun to be with believe me in my experienced.

    There are lots to talk about in the first date if you are both awkward then break the ice be confident so  you will discover more of your selves.