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Is it worth it do everything just to be loved by someone you love?

  1. chikai_88 profile image62
    chikai_88posted 6 years ago

    Is it worth it do everything just to be loved by someone you love?

    I am truly inlove with someone a bit insensitive, I live like a puppet  controled by him. Is it acceptable that I should do everything he says just to prove that I love him? Even if its tough to give like getting a plane ticket and visa to Australia just so I can prove my love for him and so he can finally share his life stories with me. Just call me Kai, 27, a single mom. one dedicated online freelancer with a loving heart. I need help

  2. HighGuy420 profile image57
    HighGuy420posted 6 years ago

    i don't think it's worth what your doing just for someone to love you. If that person really loves you they wouldn't be asking you to do all this. Sounds to me like they want to control you not love you. You sound very sweet and loving, your not the one who needs the help it's your partner

  3. jongmi42 profile image54
    jongmi42posted 6 years ago

    Yes, I agree with HighGuy420.  You shouldn't have to work that hard and feel controlled by someone that is supposed to love you.

  4. vocalcoach profile image98
    vocalcoachposted 6 years ago

    Good grief no!  You come first. And it's not your responsibility to please him in every way - that, my dear, is not love.  You are being a "doormat" and he will not respect you for that.

    Are you sure you really love this guy? Or are you in love with just being in love.

    Stop your present doting on him and if you make a major move just to be near him - big, big mistake.  Kai, the only one who deserves your undying love is your child. Think about only what is best for your little one - not what you will do for your "love" and I use the term loosely.

    Put all your energy and love into yourself and your child.  If this guy truly loves you, he will support you in your decision.

    Good luck

  5. chikai_88 profile image62
    chikai_88posted 6 years ago

    Yes i do love my kids, and he promised to adopt them and all but i have to fly to Australia first. I do love him, yet my only problem is his insensitive heart. I feel to much and he thinks too much.. But then i really cnt let him go. I'm leavign everything to God. It's just sometimes, things gets too tough for me to handle. Thanks for your advices. smile