How can I forgive my traveling lier husband?

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    Dakikaposted 6 years ago

    How can I forgive my traveling lier husband?

    My husband travels quite a lot for work. Lately I discovered that from his work destination, he has flight to far east on leisure trips without letting me know. when I confronted him he mention this are just leisure trips and sweared on his life that no woman is involved in this secret trips. We have had several marital issues as I have bipolar disorder and maybe my sickness is sometimes too much for him to cope with but I feel really sad that he has done those trips and he has lied to me in this way. He has asked for a new stat in our marriage but I am very depressed about this issue.

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    micadeoluposted 6 years ago

    You still need to forgive at whatever rate. The Lord teaches us to forgive those who offends us seventy times seven. You are joined with him already. I am sorry there is nothing you can do about all those instances and his errors.

    Do you know why you both were joined together in the first place? Yes, it is because of your weaknesses: so that you can complement each other in your weaknesses, and don't forget you have vowed never to part with him sickness, sorrow, weakness, etc.

    You have to rely on his oath of allegiance until you can prove his infidelity. Then you may sue for divorce if you like. That is the only condition on which the Lord Jesus Christ told us one may go for a divorce. It is not even mandatory.