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Husband is angry. How to make him talk to you. He is not talking since 3 weeks?

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    lifeisbeautiful19posted 6 years ago

    Husband is angry. How to make him talk to you. He is not talking since 3 weeks?

  2. lovelife08 profile image60
    lovelife08posted 6 years ago

    He's your husband and hasn't spoken to you in three weeks?  That is pathetic.  And immature.  Although, you didn't give any information on why he is angry, so if YOU did something wrong, then he may have a right to be angry.  It is still immature to ignore you for that long though.  He should try to resolve whatever it is going on between you two.  But...  You can't make him talk to you.  The more you push him, the less likely he will talk.  Go out and do things for yourself and make yourself happy.  Go out with your friends, and do whatever you want (within reason), but don't bother telling him, he obviously doesn't care.  Make that man miss you.  Show him what he's missing.

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    lifeisbeautiful19posted 6 years ago

    Hi lovelife08,

    Thanks for your response.Its just give a relief to get some solution from someone.Yes, i did something wrong but he has equally done wrong with me.But he is not ready to accept he has done anything wrong instead not taking my calls, messages etc.What i feel is that if i can forget the wrong, he did and ready to resolve the things as i believe without communicate u cant reach the solution.There can be fights in a marriage but relation is more important than any fight.You are right, he is behaving immature.He is even not thinking about us as a counple. He has forget everything. I just cant beleive that any husband can do this. How can such a behaviour can arise in a heart relationship.Every effort of mine is useless.He is not caring for anything. We are loosing so much of our time.I dont know whether he will miss me or not?

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    Deemusiposted 3 years ago

    1st let him manage his anger..it's useless to talk to him if he still felt anger. make him feel comfort to u,like give him smile when he is in front of u. takes time to understand your husband's character. if he feel comfort for sure he wanna start to talk..be patient^^