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When they say "Size Matters" it makes me wonder "Is Less More" or "More is Never

  1. kallini2010 profile image82
    kallini2010posted 6 years ago

    When they say "Size Matters" it makes me wonder "Is Less More" or "More is Never Enough"?

    I would be afraid to spill the content.  Especially given the context of the evening - dancing night.  The picture is real.  No offense is meant.  We all look horrible in pictures more often
    than not.  But it was at the discretion of the photographer to include the picture or leave it out.  There was another shot where you can see the face of this lady.  So, my question is - her strategy is successful, isn't it?  Flaunt as much as you can?  Can't men judge the size without us baring it?  What if men would expose themselves in the same way?  Or wear Size 9" - embroidered on their sleeves?


  2. kmackey32 profile image69
    kmackey32posted 6 years ago

    Size never ever mattered to me. Its not how big it is, its how you use it. I have actually been with someone who was big and it hurt and was the worst sex I ever had in my life besides most woman like oral the most....smile-

  3. rikabothra profile image60
    rikabothraposted 6 years ago

    That is an interesting suggestion about guys wearing their size embroidered on their sleeves. But getting to the point, I think this whole thing about 'size' is overrated. We would not want men falling for our size! Some people find 'barring it all' - a way to attract attention but from my perspective it is a definite no-no!

  4. R.S. Hutchinson profile image81
    R.S. Hutchinsonposted 6 years ago

    I, for one would like to see that picture (bigger).. then I can give you a more educated answer big_smile

  5. PoliCommandments profile image58
    PoliCommandmentsposted 6 years ago

    What should matter is what's in somebody's heart, no what is seen on the outside.

  6. Honest Reality profile image61
    Honest Realityposted 6 years ago

    Unfortunately it seems as though most women and men judge themselves by their "assets" anymore. Seriously I find someone who is willing to "bare it all" to whomever is willing to look, not very attractive. And they usually don't think they are either, and that is why they do it. They feel as though this is the only way they can get someone's attention. It's quite sad actually, that we have become a culture based on big, sloppy looking "attractions" that in lots of instances anymore people even have surgery to achieve it. Quite frankly if that's all you got to offer, what are you gonna do or look like when you hit 40???? It'll happen, think about it.

  7. platinumOwl4 profile image74
    platinumOwl4posted 6 years ago

    I can see enough, my thoughts of this is, if a women have to show that much then there is probably nothing else. When I see this I have a question. One, how many people have seen this and much more of her?

  8. Cardisa profile image92
    Cardisaposted 6 years ago

    I can't say size doesn't matter to me but I have been blessed to have the size I want, both breast and that of my partner.

    There was a story I heard about a woman saying she was okay with her husband. The couple decided to do a "thing" with another couple. The other gentleman was well endowed and she realized that her husband was not giving her what she needed. It so happened she married mr large and she thought no one could outdo him until she met her doctor......and the story continues.

    Personally I don't mind having smaller breasts, but I wouldn't want my fiance to have smaller parts.

  9. edhan profile image60
    edhanposted 6 years ago

    As a guy, I personally do not see the difference when comes to size.

    If you are talking about relationship, it does NOT matter when comes to size. It is the feeling of the person you are going to be with. Acceptance of what she/he is and love for what is natural.

    It is only fantasy when we guys talk about size. In truth, size does not matter when comes to love or having sex.

    When you love the person, you will see that person as perfect as it can be for yourself. Whether or not it comes in difference sizes, it does not matter.

  10. profile image0
    writeronlineposted 6 years ago

    Hi kallini, it’s interesting how the replies so far have focussed only on the two predictable body parts where size appears to matter.

    I, on the other hand, (hang on, does size matter there...?) would like to tell you a story about something that happened to me, that involves neither.

    I was in a bar, with a friend, just having a few beers and generally chilling out, when he said to me “Have you seen that guy over there in the corner? The real ugly one that looks like he should have been returned to the manufacturer at birth?”

    I’m more polite than my friend, but it has to be said, this guy was ugly, really ugly. Which made it even harder to explain the endless stream of women walking over to where he was, and buying him drinks.

    I asked my friend what he thought about it, and he said, “Beats me, all he does is sit there, licking his eyebrows.”

  11. ajayshah2005 profile image56
    ajayshah2005posted 6 years ago

    Size might matter sometimes but always it  does't matter if the skill is good.

  12. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 6 years ago

    Satirically, "what and spoil a multi-billion dollar industry from blossoming?" That would ruin our growing tax base. Of course the opposite would be true too with 5-1/2" on their sleeve. Or, , , never mind. My observation: What I find to be attractive is the contrast between flesh and clothing. Not so much how much is visible in size but how much contrast there is. The young lady in black is very provocative in my opinion, which is seductive. The young lady in the aqua dress is very sensual, but not as seductive. If I were 25 yrs younger, in a bar betting which would be 'easy' I wouldn't bet on either, but I would enjoy the show. My perception of the picture - they're plotting together on who will be next to buy them a free drink - now that was sexist, eh?

  13. noturningback profile image77
    noturningbackposted 6 years ago

    It seems everyone always wants more than they have. If we just accept what we have and that it works for us, what is the difference? Does the world enter a relationship between two people when they are intimate?
    Love is the best part of any relationship; both male and female may be endowed physically with more than average, but if they have no love, they still come up with less than they need.