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    8 years ago

    Purple is the 2nd installment of Robert S. Hutchinson's book, "Love Letters" and convinces his readers of his first love and brings the audience one chapter closer to discovering true love.

  • Broken Ways

    Broken Ways

    9 years ago

    Broken Ways is a love poem by author Robert S. Hutchinson depicting the acceptance of an unrequited love and the abandonment of a Higher Power. Fast rhyme is used to capture the anxiety of the poet.

  • A Butterfly's Blessing -Poem

    A Butterfly's Blessing -Poem

    6 years ago

    A Butterfly's Blessing -A poem by author Robert S. Hutchinson depciting the turmoil of unrequited love, but then a change (triangle) of life occurs and love finds its' way but still needs the approval of one that has already passed away.

  • How to: Creative Writing Tips 3: Relationship

    How to: Creative Writing Tips 3: Relationship

    6 years ago

    Installment 3 of the How to: Creative Writing Tips series focuses on the intangibale relationship that is built and perceived between the author and the reader.

  • 8

    Flowers of Eden - Poem

    6 years ago

    Flowers of Eden is an peom by author R.S. Hutchinson that depcits why one facing suicide should stop for a moment and breathe in all the love that surrounds and realize that where we are is part of Master plan and that all we need to do to escape our turmoil is reach up and ask for help.

  • How To: Creative Writing Tips 2: Grammar

    How To: Creative Writing Tips 2: Grammar

    6 years ago

    Common grammar mistakes explained. Grammar explained. List of misused words

  • 29

    The Most Complete List of the Most Commonly Misused Words

    6 years ago

    A comprehensive list of the most commonly misused words in the English language

  • WOW! - Poem

    WOW! - Poem

    6 years ago

    WOW! is a poem written by Author RS Hutchinson. The poem was inspired after the author returnned home from a courtship and is, like most of the author's poems, a read-fast poem.

  • Be My Hero - Poem

    Be My Hero - Poem

    6 years ago

    "Be My Hero" is a poem written by Author RS Hutchinson. The poem has had many interpretations, but the author states that the truth of the poem is unrequited love reminiscent of Romeo and Juliette, hence it's Shakespearian tongue.

  • How to: Creative Writing Tips 1: Getting Started

    How to: Creative Writing Tips 1: Getting Started

    6 years ago

    How to: Creative Writing Tips-Getting Started addresses the pitfalls one might face when trying to start that elusive novel, or poem. If you are having difficult getting started, then this is a must read!

  • How to: Tips on Creative Writing

    How to: Tips on Creative Writing

    6 years ago

    An introduction to an online series of articles that will help anyone become a better writer. Beautifully crafted and detailed explanations will cater to the seasoned writer as well as the beginner.

  • Surely She Should -Poem

    Surely She Should -Poem

    6 years ago

    Surely She Should is a poem written by author Robert Hutchinson. Standing, shaking, solemnly searching for sweet serendipitous Serenity. My soul slashing, scratching...

  • 18

    I Will Not Chase Love - Poem

    6 years ago

    I Will Not Chase Love Oh how the hallowed winds stretch across the moonlit sky Beneath a thousand twinkling stars, And Oh how my heart sings its' heartfelt cries Where love again has left its' jagged scars. The resounding drops of the morning...



    6 years ago

    You have surely read the TOP 5 Great and Creative First Date Ideas previously posted, and that got you well on your way to a relationship! But let us cover all our bases to ensure for a most romantic first date! So as a precaution, I've included the...

  • 5 Great and Creative First Date Ideas On A Budget!

    5 Great and Creative First Date Ideas On A Budget!

    6 years ago

    first date ideas, great date ideas, best dates, dating, love 5 Great and Creative First Date Ideas On Budget! (Men Only- Women aren't allowed to read this) Well played good Sir! You mustered the courage to walk up and start chatting with the...

  • Christmas In The Amazon - Poem

    Christmas In The Amazon - Poem

    6 years ago

    Christmas in the Amazon is a poem written by author Robert Hutchinson: There at the sun's peek-a-boo state, I lay, in the dismal and obscure shadows of the trees. - Breathing, just barely. Trying to stay alive.

  • Tell Me Please - Poem

    Tell Me Please - Poem

    6 years ago

    Tell Me Please- Poem by Author Robert Hutchinson: How do I dance across puffy clouds beneath a beaming moon? How do I make the sky sparkle with flakes of snow in the mid of June? How do I walk across the surface of a shiny sea? How do I catch the gentle whisper of a passing breeze?

  • A Kiss - Poem

    A Kiss - Poem

    6 years ago

    A Kiss- A poem by author Robert Hutchinson: My lips to yours' wakes my soul, My lips to yours’ tell a secret that only my heart knows. Such grace as our eyes close And share a breath... Words lose meaning and mean even less.


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