Do you wish that you had more time for your partner after work ?

  1. Wonder Referrals profile image36
    Wonder Referralsposted 6 years ago

    Do you wish that you had more time
    for your partner after work ?

    Equal time for your partner, shorter work hours,
    or more hours in a day.

  2. JEDIJESSICUH profile image82
    JEDIJESSICUHposted 6 years ago

    I wish my husband had more time for me after work. I take care of our newborn son and while I'm constantly tired, I'll make an effort to stay awake when he gets off. But he's military and works twelve hour days. He tries to play with his son and watches him long enough for me to get a couple hours break in, but he's exhausted by the end of everything. He falls asleep early and while I understand, sometimes it frustrates me a little. It's not like I can just wander off to bed and call it a day.

  3. wonderingwoolley profile image56
    wonderingwoolleyposted 6 years ago

    I sure do! I get home around 5:45 everyday, and my hubby gets home anytime between 6 and 8pm, depending on the day. After dinner, household chores and any working we might do from home, it's at least 9pm, and if we're getting up at 6am to go to work, it's almost bedtime. Usually we like to watch an episode of our favorite Brit-coms or read our books. That doesn't leave a lot of time for canoodling. So, sometimes we ditch the chores, and let the dishes stay dirty for the night, or we forgo time with our libros so that we can get some actual face to face time, and check in. That's the key, is not forgetting the other person is the reason you work so hard. It's important to take time, make sacrifices or splurges, because when you are old and wrinkly, what will you have but the people who matter most?