Can you share a life changing experience to encourage others for 2012

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    yols-aposted 6 years ago

    Can you share a life changing experience to encourage others for  2012

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    womenintouchposted 6 years ago

    At the early age of 13 i had to leave home and become a Nanny. My mother died when i was 9 and we moved to N.Y. city. After a year there my father who was an alcoholic brought me back to live with him and his new family. There i barely had food, clothing and life there was a living hell. All i had to hold on to was the hope my mother had put inside of me.

    She was a praying women and i begin to pray and follow after people who had a wholesome family life, for that is what i so hungered for since mom left. When i left my fathers home i wanted him to say no but he asked me to  leave that night. At first i was sad but this was my way out of Hell.

    As the years rolled on I graduated from High School, and then college and later started my own family. I never went back to my fathers and never allowed my children who all graduated college and working in there discipline.

    What i hope you get from this short story is that you are the only one who determines your destination, don't allow anyone to tell you what you can';t do. It takes hard work, determination, and love for self, not to follow the crowd.

    As a result i have truly lived a wonderful life, and look forward to so many more years of greatness.