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What is the best compliment you have evern gotten from someone? =)

  1. Ana Teixeira profile image81
    Ana Teixeiraposted 6 years ago

    What is the best compliment you have evern gotten from someone? smile

    Everyone has that one compliment that left a mark. Either for the context on which it was said or simply for the person...  What is yours?

  2. Neil Sperling profile image82
    Neil Sperlingposted 6 years ago

    I was told I was a "man with class!"  That was the best compliment I ever received... and it was given with a good background of comments as to why she said it along with a ton of respect and appreciation... the person truly meant it!

    Now - "I will continue to do my best to live up to that compliment!"

    My work load is HUGE!  LOL

  3. fpherj48 profile image76
    fpherj48posted 6 years ago

    I'm happy to say I have an answer for you.  I was completely shocked at a conference dinner, when the C.E.O of the Company stood at the head table to make a toast and he proceeded to say..."Before we begin our meeting, I would like to make a special announcement.  It is my pleasure to present this plaque to an incredibly special member of our staff, who goes above and beyond, every day to not only perform miracles with our clients, but has the uncanny ability to be loved and respected by everyone she works with.  She's the only woman I have ever known who can take a negative and turn it completely around so quickly and easily, she leaves us all stunned."  Then he said MY name and 300 people stood up and applauded.  I was OVERWHELMED!!! (Believe me, I memorized this and framed a copy of his notes to hang in my office)  This sort of thing just doesn't happen every day.  That was my compliment of my lifetime.  I CRIED.

  4. smzclark profile image60
    smzclarkposted 6 years ago

    Loads come to mind, but the main ones that come to mind are the ones that begin or end with 'I love you'. I'm pretty sure that's the best compliment that a person can give to anyone.

  5. Swetankraj profile image67
    Swetankrajposted 6 years ago

    There are no number or something about uniqueness about best compliment. Since birth there will be countless or even more. The one i loved the complement was on my negative side. The person who reveals my status that i am performing to be and tells the fact about me which i wouldn't saw from my side. Is all that i loved about compliment.

  6. sangre profile image96
    sangreposted 6 years ago

    I once received a certificate for being the student who attended class most often in our school. Now there was 7 other students in other classes who got one too. But it was nice to get it.

  7. profile image62
    SanXuaryposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for saving my life, the reward is that they are still alive. Thanks for understanding, moments they were angry you did not get angry etc. Thanks for being there when I really needed you. The moments you dropped everything or made ends barely meet to bail out someone to keep them off the street or made that 600 mile trip to load up someone in trouble and make the big escape. Thanks for doing what was right. Rather then allow illegal acts to go on you demanded such things stop and threatened by losing your job you took the high ground and made the sacrifice. Then their are the thanks you may never get or might not get until later. I lost 5 friends who committed a string of crimes by forcing them to turn themselves in and do what is right. From what I can tell they all turned out to be good people and just maybe I was the one who changed their minds.

  8. stricktlydating profile image83
    stricktlydatingposted 6 years ago

    The one compliment I remember the most was "You look like an Angel".  A compliment when I was wearing a pretty white dress.

  9. profile image0
    mikeq107posted 6 years ago

    This is the only one that I can think of...My Son John was six years old and we where at the supermarket when someone asked him what he did for the past summer...He Proudly stated " I spent it with My Dad" Never forgot that moment made me feel like a million bucks!!!! :0)

    Great question..thanks for asking!!

    Mike :0)

  10. profile image0
    Emily Sparksposted 6 years ago

    Many things come to mind.  Some would be......my parents telling me they love and appreciate me........my brother and sister telling me they love me......and my boyfriend telling me he liked my meals, complimenting me on my hair and clothes, and telling me he thinks I looked beautiful:)smile