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When's the best date and time to get married?

  1. yougotme profile image89
    yougotmeposted 5 years ago

    When's the best date and time to get married?

    I'm just curious. What month and day is the most suitable date to get married? Would there be any specific time recommended?

  2. premsingh profile image60
    premsinghposted 5 years ago

    If you believe in astrology then there are definitely dates and time to marry.In India, people marry as per prescribed dates and time by the expert. However, these dates are common to all people. There are certain times that are not recommended for marriage. People believing in planets etc., prefer to marry or do some specific things on auspicious times only.

  3. Mr Nice profile image80
    Mr Niceposted 5 years ago


    Well if you are already living together as a boy friend and girl friend then I believe anytime you want to make it legal.
    If you are doing the "Kasalan" marriage traditional Filipina family way pamamanhikan or the "parental marriage proposal", a formal way of asking the parents of the woman for her hand.
    Then I believe spring is the best, whichever month that falls in Manila, Philippines.
    If you are looking for a date and month astrological way then you have to consult an astrologist.
    Happy ever after I wish you good luck.

  4. ackman1465 profile image62
    ackman1465posted 5 years ago

    There are only three dates/times, during the year, when a couple should not get married.  Those are:  near Christmas, near the bride's birthday and near the groom's birthday.   And, of course, if any of those dates are the same, you needn't worry about doubling-up.   Why?

    Because, if your anniversary falls too close to any of those three dates, your anniversary present(s) will be skimpy, since everyone will say,  "Oh, here's your combination anniversary/Christmas/birthday present......   

    Just ask my brother.  Poor stiff was born on Dacember 28th, and never got a decent birthday present in his life... except the case of beer that I gave him on his 21st birthday.....