After 50 yrs if women feel she is lonely, she is not attractive , feel a rejecti

  1. saigita profile image55
    saigitaposted 6 years ago

    After 50 yrs if women feel she is lonely, she is not attractive , feel a rejection then what to do?

    This age is very tender. Women came to know she is not that much attractive, Her family may not need her that much...........she feel a rejection from society and from family . When she was young , she used to got praise for her beauty, got warm reception from husband, and others. She may know the truth of life , but can't accept it......slowly the color of life became fade, she feels life is too long, she want to avoid mirror, she dislike to goes  to a gathering, try to make herself isolated .........

  2. Imogen French profile image85
    Imogen Frenchposted 6 years ago

    Firstly, this woman needs to boost her self-confidence. 50 is not old! It should be thought of as a time for new opportunities. She has raised a family and gained wisdom over the years. She is probably more attractive than she realises. Maybe she should pamper herself a little - get her hair done, buy a new outfit, and feel good about herself. Now her family have grown she should use her spare time to do the things that interest her, and allow herself to have fun and grow as a person. If she is lonely she could get a job where she meets people or join some clubs or take some classes - it's never too late to start something new. The possibilities are endless! She just needs to take that first step ...

  3. ikechiawazie profile image61
    ikechiawazieposted 6 years ago

    I agree with what Imogen french says. Being old is not just about a physical nature but a mental one. Most women think that their physical beauty is what makes people attracted to them; that's a misconception. Although we all need to look good but you must first start with your heart. Then try and pamper your Life to the Fullest